1.  Avery, White Rascal

Don’t let the devilish rascal on the can scare you away because this unfiltered Belgian-Style White Ale is delicious. Expertly spiced with coriander and orange-peel, it is flavorful and easy on the hops for those looking for lower a IBU.

2.  Upslope, Pale Ale

This golden hued ale is a satisfyingly balanced option for anyone looking for a beer with just the right amount of hops to add flavor and still make for relatively easy drinking. It is bright, crisp, and always feels like the sweet spot between Upslope’s Craft Lager and IPA.

3.  Boulder Beer, Shake

They weren’t kidding when they named this chocolate porter. The smell of chocolate hits you before your first sip of Shake and the sweet, deep taste of this nearly black beer goes down smooth. This is a great option for one of those sunny winter afternoons that Colorado loves to give us.

4.  Mountain Sun, FYIPA

Self-described as “massive”, the FYIPA is an in-your-face American IPA that is heavy on the hops while still achieving a pleasant balance. This beer is one for slow-sipping to really appreciate the citrusy layer beneath the hops.

5.  Fate, Norns Roggenbier

This red ale is true to form with its mahogany color and sweet profile. It is fruity and malty with enough of a hint of sour in its finish to get your feet wet for anyone looking to try the trend of sour beers without diving headfirst into it.

6.  Twisted Pine, Big Shot

Another malty, sweet dark beer option, this espresso stout uses locally roasted coffee to give its robust aroma and taste. If you’re like me and can’t live without your morning joe, this brew beautifully blends the best of coffee and beer.

7.  Finkel & Garf, IPA

Coming in at 80 IBU, Finkel & Garf’s IPA is surprisingly balanced while maintaining forward hops. This is one my all-time favorite IPAs because it is so representative of what an IPA should be—dry, aromatic, and slightly citrusy.



Krista is a native of Nebraska who left all that corn behind for the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She graduated from the University of Denver with BAs in English and Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from CU. In the ceaseless search for inspiration, her passions for writing and culture led her to another great love: Colorado microbreweries. When she’s not trying the new IPA on tap, Krista can be found hiking Chautauqua, running the Boulder Creek Path, or curled up with a good book