What goes better with beer than pizza? I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I’m scarfing down a cheesy scrumptious slice, dripping with that orange grease, I’m in need of something strong to wash it down. Those bubbles and hops seem to tone down the greasiness of the pizza, making a nice cold one all the more refreshing. Backcountry Pizza & Tap House does it right with that perfect pairing of a pie and a pint.

With 68 beers on tap and 350 bottled beers, Backcountry Pizza is Boulder‘s largest selection of draft microbrews. Not to mention, they have dozens of pizzas to choose from. You can also build your own with some unique toppings, such as pine nuts. (If you haven’t tried them on a pizza yet, I’d strongly suggest it.) One of my favorite pizzas to get there is the Mr. Pesto, topped with pesto, fried chicken, Roma tomatoes, and Kalamata olives – I, of course, add pine nuts! With this pizza, I’d suggest something light like Pipeworks Brewing Company’s, Lizard King – a pale ale with a hint of pine and citrus.

When I’m not in the mood for pizza, and just craving a nice brew, I tend to lean toward fuller-bodied beers, like a stout. WeldWerks Brewing’s French Toast Stout was my beer of choice the last time I paid Backcountry Pizza a visit. I was popping in for Happy Hour, just for drinks, delighted I’d have enough room in my stomach for a stout. WeldWerks did not disappoint, and was exactly the smooth desert beer I was looking for. Just miles away in Greeley, CO, WeldWerks brews the French Toast Stout with maple syrup, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks, giving it that aromatic flavor. Oh, it was mouthwatering, to say the least.

Rest assured, even if you prefer something besides stouts or pale ales, you will find your beer at Backcountry Pizza. With so many drafts to choose from, you can match a beer to any slice, and enjoy that classic combo of pizza and beer. And, good news for all of you ski bums heading up to Eldora for a few runs, Backcountry Pizza has a location up in Nederland too! Whether you’re just driving down Arapahoe in Boulder, or traveling through the mountains to Ned, pop into Backcountry Pizza for a pint and you’ll end up staying for a pie.

Fresh to Boulder, Bronwen made the trek from the East Coast this past June. The decision to move westward came to her after exploring our magnificent country for two wonderful months on the road. Before moving to CO, Bronwen attended Roger Williams University, where she jumped at the chance to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for 4 months at the Umbra Institute. Her passion for the world didn’t begin there, but when she caught the travel bug on her first trip to Italy while attending Kent School. Now, she’s loving her new life in Boulder! Since the big move, she’s been taking advantage of every second of sunshine our beautiful city has to offer. Whether it’s pushing her limits on a hike or practicing yoga in her backyard, she thrives in the outdoors. Aside from traveling and enjoying nature, Bronwen is a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to LOTR and Batman. You can always find her photographing and writing about her adventures!