Looking for that perfect buzz to get you through the hectic holiday season? Look no further because we’re going local! I’ve got plenty of Boulder beers for you that have just the ABV percentage you’re looking for, with that seasonal taste to boot!

I’ve come up with a collection of Christmas craft brews for you to bring to all your ugly sweater parties this year! Take a look:

Cellar West Artisan Ales—New to the Boulder beer scene, Cellar West has already crafted their very own Christmas Ale, jam-packed with all the flavors of the holidays. Dry at the finish, but loaded with hues of fig, chocolate, toffee, and cranberry. Pop a bottle open & you’ll feel like you’re sitting in front of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Avery Brewing Co.Old Jubilation Ale will once again, be bringing cheer to Boulder this holiday season! This English Strong Ale is not for the faint of heart, blended with 5 specialty hops, and weighing in at 8.3% ABV.  The simplicity of the beer really brings out those rich chocolate notes, keeping you warm and toasty throughout the winter. “It’s like a sexy sweater for your mouth,” is probably the best way that anyone has every described this beer. One of Avery’s very own, Lyle Cobb, gave the brew this wonderful description.

Upslope Brewing Co.—Coming at you with another Christmas Ale, Upslope’s limited release even has that ruby red color to really put you in the Christmas spirit. This craft creates seasonal flavors using Abbey Ale Yeast, which pair perfectly with their blend of holiday spices. Legend has it that the Christmas Ale was originally one of Upslope’s founders’ home brews that they would share at holiday parties. Not sure which founder it was, Matt Cutter, Henry Wood, or Dany Pages, but thanks for spreading that Christmas cheer!

Boulder Beer—It’s ski season and Slope Style Winter IPA is back in Boulder! Your classic winter IPA, this rich ale is popping with that crisp piney flavor that we see a lot this time of year. It will be around as long as the snow is, and not to worry; you don’t have to love the powder to love this beer! For those of you who prefer something a little sweeter, Boulder Beer is also brewing their Killer Penguin Barleywine. The Barleywine is out just for this month, so hurry and grab your bottle before the New Year!

I hope you all spotted a seasonal Boulder brew that peaks your interest this holiday season! Remember to always support your local brewers and Happy Holidays!

Fresh to Boulder, Bronwen made the trek from the East Coast this past June. The decision to move westward came to her after exploring our magnificent country for two wonderful months on the road. Before moving to CO, Bronwen attended Roger Williams University, where she jumped at the chance to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for 4 months at the Umbra Institute. Her passion for the world didn’t begin there, but when she caught the travel bug on her first trip to Italy while attending Kent School. Now, she’s loving her new life in Boulder! Since the big move, she’s been taking advantage of every second of sunshine our beautiful city has to offer. Whether it’s pushing her limits on a hike or practicing yoga in her backyard, she thrives in the outdoors. Aside from traveling and enjoying nature, Bronwen is a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to LOTR and Batman. You can always find her photographing and writing about her adventures!