Love watching Game of Thrones, but feel a little parched after routing for your favorite house all episode? Well, fear not, Hazel’s Beverage World has you covered! Hazel’s employee, Liz Ali, came up with the brilliant idea to pair each major house of GOT with a beer that compliments the qualities of each family name. Paying close attention to detail, Liz chose beers that perfectly reflect each GOT family sigil. For example, she pairs House Targaryen (sign of the Dragon) with Dragon’s Milk stout. A creatively awesome idea, much appreciated by Game of Thrones fans!

Without further hesitation, I present to you, Liz’s Game of Thrones choice beers:

  • House Targaryen – Dragon’s Milk: Brewed by New Holland Brewing, this bourbon barrel-aged stout is too creamy for even the Mother of Dragon’s to resist.


  • House Stark – Renegade IPA: This hoppy sensation is crafted by Estes Park Brewery, featuring a Wolf on it’s label…Could it be a Dire Wolf?


  • House Lannister – Apex Predator: Dry, with a fruity twist, Apex Predator may be my favorite on the list. The masters at Off Color Brewing awoke this refreshing farmhouse ale, fiercer than a lioness.


  • House Tyrell – Hibiscus Gose: This one was a bit trickier to pair with a house, featuring a hibiscus rather than a Tyrell rose, yet still delicious. Boulevard Brewing Co. blends this sour with coriander, sea salt, and hibiscus flowers to give it its pungent finishing touch.


  • House Bolton – Amputator: A well matched beer for Ramsay Bolton’s sadistic house, Amputator was voted best beer in Steamboat two years in a row! Native to Steamboat, Butcherknife brews this well-balanced IPA that melts in your mouth.


  • House Martell – Summer Ale: Fremont Brewing only releases this flowery concoction during the summer months, so you have to get it while you can! It’s a refreshing beer, yet spicy enough to match the Martell women.


  • House Greyjoy – Vanilla Porter: Featuring the Greyjoy’s family crest, a giant squid, this rich porter bursts with vanilla beans, masterfully brewed by Dry Dock Brewing Co.


  • House Tully – Big Eye: Paired with an abundance of hops, Ballast Point manages to brew a crisp IPA, with a big Tully fish on the label!


  • House Arryn – Eye of the Hawk: The Mendocino Brewing Co. crafts this imperial pale ale, with flavor as honorable as the Knights of the Vale.


Liz is not the only one who’s ecstatic about GOT’s return! After speaking with Derek Ridge, Beer Manager, I discovered that the whole Hazel’s crew loves Thrones. Derek even has his office decked out with Lannister and Targaryen banners. When they’re not watching Game of Thrones, the Hazel’s crew provides top-notch beverage knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. They’re always friendly and willing to help you with even the most novice questions. Clearly a fun place to work, we’re happy to be home of Hazel’s Beverage World here in Boulder!

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