Did you know there is a higher rated restaurant in Boulder with more Google reviews than Frasca? And it’s about 1/6th of the price! Wanna know what it is?!

Curry N Kebob!

The small, hole in the wall style spot (located on 28th st.) is more popular than you’d think, serving up classic Indian favorites with killer dinner specials under $10. Everything is made to order and the baji (chickpea batter-fried onion rings) are THE BEST! Like most Indian cuisine, the menu is almost entirely gluten-free, so you GF-foodies can get your fix too!

I typically order my C&K for take out post-gym but this time I decided to dine and enjoy the atmosphere. After 5pm, it’s pretty packed and stays that way until about (8:30-9pm). You order at the counter and they bring it to you. Don’t fret if you can’t find a table right away, most dishes take 10-15 minutes since they’re cooked to order.


Kebob special with all the fixins!

I highly recommend the classic kebob or curry special. When ordered dine-in, it arrives with rice, naan, baji, and a small serving of fruit! (A well balanced feast in my opinion.) If you plan on not sharing this will be perfect. My dinner date decided to order something off special (lamb vindaloo) which didn’t include the naan, baji, or fruit and I was left reluctantly splitting my single baji (for takeout, we usually order our dishes, side of naan, and side of many baji to split) however, by the end of my meal I was pleasantly full and splitting the naan and single baji was probably for the best!



It’s worth noting that for whatever reason, the daily specials to go do not include the naan, baji, or fruit and are the same price so if time isn’t an issue on that particular day, go ahead and order the dine-in special. You’ll get more bang for your buck!

The ratings for this place do not lie! The food was fantastic and authentic, spiced perfectly. Upon ordering, you tell them mild, medium, or hot and somehow they figure out exactly what your personal spice level is based on that. (I lean towards a more medium-hot spice and they nailed it!) My kebob was flavorful they served just enough so that you’re full but not groaning, unbutton your top button type of full.

The vindaloo was delicious and spicy, but I prefer mine extra hot (this one was ordered medium)… I’m more of a curry than a vindaloo type of person anyway.

If you’re in the mood for some Indian in Boulder, this is the place for you! For $10 a plate (daily special) you can’t beat it and their lunch specials have even better pricing! ($7.95, same menu).