Flatirons at Sunset Photo Jake Fojtik













If you’re a fan of the beautiful Boulder wilderness, you’ve no doubt tried to capture it on a camera or smartphone. The looming Flatirons provide the perfect backdrop for any nature photos. Boulder’s Open Space and trails are the perfect venue to catch the perfect nature shot. Here’s some tips for catching that perfect, Instagram-worthy shot in the outdoors.

  1. Bring a camera. This one should be obvious. Your camera can range from an old school disposable camera, to a smartphone camera, to a high-end DSLR. The best camera is the one you have with you. If you are going on a long or multi-day trek, you may want to opt for something light and durable.
  2. Be there: There may sound simple, but no camera tricks will compensate for the experience of getting up close and personal with your shot. Being out in nature is more important than manipulating your camera’s settings and switching lenses to get the ‘perfect shot’. Set you camera to auto mode and go.
  3. Foreground, background & subject: Nature is beautiful, especially around Boulder. But to keep your shots interesting, you should always have a subject. Sure, the Flatirons may look great covered in snow, but they look even better behind a flower or fence or person or dog in the foreground. Three “layers” is an ideal number to shoot for: a nature backdrop, a subject (can be a person, animal, plant, rock, etc.) and something in the foreground to draw the viewer in.


    Background, foreground, and subject. Photo: Jake Fojtik

  4. Tell a story with your photo: Adventure photos should not only be about the scenery, but also about the experience. You can tell stories by including people in your photos, you gear or clothes, or unique elements of nature. Make the shots personal and include some elements from your own adventure, broken gear, dirty boots, muddy faces, bloody hands, etc. can all help add a layer of depth, interest, and personal touch to your nature photos.
  5. New perspectives: Entirely too many photos have been taken from eye level. In order to achieve a unique and interesting photo, experiment and play with different angles and perspectives. Get low, and take some shots from the ground. Or climb on top of a tree or rock and take pictures from on high. Including new perspectives can be an easy way to make your photos more interesting.