Settler’s Park is a pretty area with an array of short trails. With red rocks, springing up from the same formation that caused the well known music doused Red Rocks in Morrison, CO- the Fountain Formation- Settler’s park is alive with geology, ecology, and history.

As City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks says on their website: “Settlers’ Park got its name because it was thought to be the location of the first permanent camp of American settlers in the Boulder area.” That was back in 1858, when the area was still just being explored. You can find more information online or onsite through informational signs at the park.

With many short trails, there are many ways to travel. Therefore each time you go can be a new adventure.

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The park is on Canyon, just before it starts to go into the canyon. Even through the rain, it seems Boulderites can’t stay indoors. The rain has also made everything green and the flowers bloom! So go ahead and try to get out this weekend, hopefully in a break from the rain.


Lizzie works as a seasonal for City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, spending her days among the flora and fauna of Boulder both on and off the job. When it comes to knowing what to do and whats going on in the numerous open spaces around Boulder, Lizzie is your girl. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Geography: Environmental Resource Management degree, she came to Salida, CO to work in the San Juan National Forest and surrounding areas on a trail crew. Previously she has worked for Boulder County Parks and Open Space, other trail crews, and as an environmental educator. She has a passion for spreading environmental knowledge and bringing nature straight to the people.