Simply put: Boulder is a foodie town. You’ll find everything from dive-y college burger joints, to trendy gourmet-fusion tapas bars, farm-to-table spots, chic big ticket hubs, and a couple hole-in-the-walls that will change your life. Now, Colorado may not be known for it’s pizza, but it should be…

If you’re familiar with the exceptional fine-dining at Frasca, then you probably know Pizzeria Locale. Nestled between Frasca and Caffe (now closed), Pizzeria Locale serves up Napoli-style pizza with fantastic salads, cocktails, and service that offer a refreshing change from many other local eateries.

Pizzeria Locale

We headed down Pearl St. just before dusk and found a bustling and cheerful crowd already mingling at the bar waiting to be seated. We were greeted by a modern, bright dining area (a nice break from the darker, more rustic restaurant interiors in Boulder) with an open kitchen and Italian stone oven, plus a communal bar. Boulder was treated to it’s first warm weekend of the year so the garage door was up, connecting a patio bar to the main bar. We sipped a couple of cocktails as we waited for our table. (The Limoncello is refreshingly light!)

Pizzeria Locale drinks

Once we got our table, we were feeling extra cheery and ready to eat! We started with a plate of Verdue Miste (grilled eggplant, peppers, zucchini, and onion) and a round of Arancino (fried risotto and mozz). They were so delicious we had to order a second round to wash down our first! 



When it came time to order the pizza, we thought it was a pretty safe bet to each order our own that way we could try a little of everything. We decided on the Crudo with prosciutto, parm, and fresh arugula! (See, my pizza is basically a salad! Healhy, right?)


The Maiale was a little something for those who prefer more “traditional” toppings (similar to the Crudo, but with a tomato sauce).


The Salsiccia e Peperoni (sausage, peppers, and onion… the closest thing you’ll find to a “meat lovers” there. And about 100x more delicious!)


And the fantastic Mais. Now, lemme let you in on a little secret: Food Network Mag voted the Mais to be the best pizza in Colorado. They are not wrong. While not your traditional pie, it offers the perfect balance of flavors one seeks in a pizza. The salty prosciutto is balanced by the sweet corn and rests comfortably on a bed of tangy crème fraîche making each bite is a slice of heaven. Try not to drool… 



Let’s take a closer look at that bad boy….


The pizzas come out unsliced, in the authentic Italian style, and require some fork and knife skills; but frankly, I think that adds to your overall enjoyment of them! Every server and bartender at Locale are extremely attentive and helpful. It’s definitely not your grab-a-cheap-slice-and-go type of spot but the vibe is great for a fun pizza night with friends or a casual date. It quickly climbed the ladder to becoming my favorite pizza in town, and possibly even ever! (Yup, even New York!)

Be sure to check out their hours and prices here! 

*Pizzeria Locale now offers counter service in Denver, think Chipotle meets pizza!