When it comes to mastering roulette and discovering effective strategies, it’s essential to discern what works and what leads to consistent losses. A roulette strategy involves a structured approach to betting in roulette, providing guidelines on when and where to place bets. Numerous strategies claim to improve roulette odds, making it crucial to understand their effectiveness to avoid persistent losses.

For a comprehensive exploration of proven roulette strategies and systems, as well as an in-depth understanding of why some strategies falter while others succeed, delve into this detailed overview on roulette strategies and systems. Visit Richard pokies to apply these strategies and test your luck playing popular roulette games!

The best and worst roulette strategies and tactics - AboutBoulder.com

Why You Lose With Roulette Strategies

Most roulette strategies do not take into account where the ball will land. It may seem absurd when you consider that roulette is about a wheel and a ball.

An example of such a system is betting on RED. If you lose, you double your bet on RED for the next round. If you lose again, you increase your bet again and so on until you profit or lose everything. Let’s look at what happens after a few spins:

  • Bet 1 unit on red > LOSE
  • Bet 2 units on red > LOSE
  • Bet 4 units on red > LOSE
  • Bet 8 units on red > LOSE

Very quickly the stakes increase. Is there a scientific and viable reason why red would turn next? No.

And even if there were, this strategy doesn’t take that into account.

The odds for red and black are always the same.

It doesn’t matter even if you had 100 blacks in a row. The odds of red or black coming next don’t change.

Advanced players may understand this, but they think that they will eventually win. The fact is that you will eventually win, but that doesn’t mean you will profit. Why is explained below.

The Problems With Progression Strategies Are:

  1. You reach the maximum bet at the table. If you do, you will not be able to raise bets large enough to cover losses.
  2. Even if you win, the payout is still unfair. For example, the European wheel has 37 numbers, but the payout is 35 to 1. If the payouts were fair, it would be 36 to 1, so winning in 37 spins does not create a loss.

Even if you eventually win, the above two points guarantee that you will lose.

Of course, you may get lucky, but eventually your luck will run out.

The Illusion of a Winning System

The casino thrives on delusions and illusions. You would not be able to profit from it if people knew the truth about what worked and what did not. Here is an example of the delusions of the players that keep casinos in business.

Say there were 1,000 players all using the same system in different casinos and they knew nothing about each other. After a week, these are the common results:

  • 48% of the players win a total of $480,000. These players are convinced that they have a winning system.
  • 52% of the players lose a total of $500,000. These players are back to the drawing board working on a new system.
  • The casino takes the $20,000 win and doesn’t care who won or lost.

They just need more losers than winners. But the casino needs winners to keep hope alive, so the players keep coming back. The winnings paid out are like an investment for the casino – quasi the best self-promotion.

The House Advantage of the Casino Destroys Any Roulette Strategy

The “house advantage” allows the casino to profit. An example is the European wheel with 37 squares but a payout of 35-1 on single numbers. So if you win 1 in 37, as you would expect on a random bet selection, you get 35 units plus your original bet, giving you 36 units.

But if the roulette payouts were fair, you would have 37 units after the 37 spins. The house advantage of the casino in this case is the roulette rule with the bad payout.

This affects any roulette strategy. Even if you win, you will still be paid unfairly.

The only way to overcome the house advantage is to improve your chances of winning.

The best and worst roulette strategies - AboutBoulder.com

Known “Roulette Strategies”

Perhaps applying the above knowledge to actual systems will help you understand why one loses in the long run with any roulette system. Below are some well-known strategies and why you will lose with them:


The Martingale is not a system for picking the right number. It is just a betting strategy that is so simple that any idiot can do it. You think you can get rich with something like that? You don’t believe it yourself, do you?

It’s about doubling the bet after losses. Remember that the wheel doesn’t care about your bet. The odds don’t change. All you do with the Martingale is change the bet size on different spins. Even if you win, you still get an unfair amount. You can do this well for a while, but eventually you will reach the maximum table limit and the losses will mount up quickly.

The Kavouras bet

This strategy consists of two parts. First the bet selection: 1 unit on 0,1,2,3 (corner bet), AND 2 units on 31,32,33,34,35,36 (double street bet), AND 1 unit on splits 8-11, 13-14, 15-18, 17-20, 27-30. The system vendor (Kavouras) claims the bets are “brilliantly chaotic” and evenly spread around the wheel. A better idea is to simply bet red or black.

With this strategy you lose because it is just a multitude of independent bets, each with its own odds and payoffs. The betting selection changes nothing. The strategy seller claims that his “money management” makes him profitable. But this is impossible because money management only changes the amount you bet. But no roulette strategy can improve the chances of winning.

Tier et Tout

This is a betting progression and money management strategy. Again, it does not take into account the winning number. It doesn’t change the odds, and the player simply makes a variety of bets of different sizes. It can be fun to play with, but is no different from random bets with random bet sizes.

John Solitude raindrop strategy

This strategy is based on the principle of “balance”. So it expects you to win “eventually”. It doesn’t work because knowing that you will eventually win doesn’t allow you to choose where you bet.

Radek’s Online Casino Killer System R.O.C.K.S

I used to work intensively with online roulette and also developed my own system, which I call “R.O.C.K.S.” – short for “Radek’s Online Casino Killer System”. The idea is to bet on a number (or two / or three / or four numbers) until it comes up. Since you get a payout of 35 to 1 for hitting the right number, you have to hit all 35 spins to win. If you don’t, you make a loss.

Like the Martingale system, this system is doomed to fail in the long run. However, as a new customer in a casino, I had good experiences with it at the beginning because the software has not yet adjusted to it and tends to pay out winnings to new players first.

Finally, Warning Against Roulette Strategies

Finally, warning against roulette strategies - AboutBoulder.com

There are countless other strategies with which you will lose. You will find that they are basically the same as here, just repackaged in a different way. I mean no disrespect to the creators of these and other systems. Just as I don’t want to discourage people from having fun in the casino. It’s just that you should NEVER believe that there is a way to win anything in roulette permanently. The only game where you can win something in the long run with the right strategy and skill is Blackjack. If you enjoy the short thrill of roulette and don’t get greedy, you can be successful in the short term.

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