Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Abby Blom

Adopting the philosophy that every person should have both roots and wings, Abby knew she was ready to fly. Born, raised and living in the small town of Orange City, FL, Abby was married and raising her two kids. More than anything, she wanted to instill adventure and curiosity in her own children so after some consideration, Abby and her husband packed up and set a course for Colorado in July of 2014 where the ultimate playground would be right in their backyard. With a background in Digital Arts and Sciences, Photography was a natural transition from working in Graphic Design early in her career and she has successfully run her own business since 2008. Between a passion for seeing beyond the smile of her subject, having experienced postpartum depression herself and going through similar struggles with some close friends, Abby found herself becoming an advocate for Mental Health. She is ardent in her pursuit of seeing the potential in people despite their diagnosis and eager to endorse utilizing endorphins as a means of natural remedy for Mental Illness. Beyond that, Abby has a novel in the works, a deep love of music and heartfelt appreciation for art in every form.

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