Thursday - January 17, 2019

Abriana Chambers

Abriana Chambers is a former Marine, and former phlebotomist, and now, most recently, an author-in-the-making. From the early age of twelve, she has had a passion for writing which has continued throughout the years and now, in her mid-twenties, she is working toward publishing a set of novels as well as finalizing a degree in Journalism. Abriana's drive is to bring the arts and the community a little closer together by offering colorful reviews to both inform, enchant, and delight her audience.

    In her time away from work, Abriana spends her time with her three-year-old daughter, Saoirse, running, and is quite the reading, film, and on stage acting aficionado (both as a stage actor herself as well as critic), as you will see by her columns. Drama, science fiction, and romance are particular favorites, both on stage as well as the silver screen. She's always had a deep and true adoration of the arts, believing that all types of art from glowing galleries to marvelous local theatre productions are the essence of human emotion brought to life.

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