Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Dan Bach

Ever have questions for a lumberjack? How about some curiosity as to what behind the scenes of a film looks like? Oh, you are wondering what running a political campaign looks like? Daniel has had successes in some of the quirkiest fields imaginable. A black belt at 10 years old, an Eagle Scout, and an accomplished tutor, Daniel has different perspectives on the world that help inform his varied writing. With a Masters in Community Social Psychology from Umass Lowell, Daniel has devoted his energies to community building and charitable outreach. A proud new owner of a cattle dog, when Daniel is not writing or hiking or camping or drinking beer or watching Arrested Development (for the hundredth time), he is cooking for his beautiful new fiancé while drinking coffee and reading his favorite: John Steinbeck (yes, at the same time). Visit him at backcountry.blogspot.com.

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