Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Kayla Harlan

Kayla is a curious human, who is always armed with her journal, pen and camera. She likes to think of herself as a detective on the lookout for the loveliest details of life. Those details might include things like unique fashion styles adorned on the person walking by, the best fixings in a Bloody Mary, the nicest detailing on a ceramic pot or the interesting personalities of passerby on Pearl street. Either way, she likes to write about it. Kayla is a certified yoga teacher, ceramic artist, avid traveler, frequent thrift and vintage shopper, healthy chef and lover of the outdoors. She has a lot of interests but her blog at About Boulder features Fashion.
Follow Kayla’s blog to get a taste of everything from local fashion styles to international fashion news. You can also follow Kayla’s Instagram account The Boulder Look (@theBoulderLook) that features the unique fashion styles of Boulder County.

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