Saturday - March 23, 2019

Kyle Amann

Kyle is a travel and adventure photographer and cinematographer. While originally born just outside New York City, Kyle was lucky enough to grow up in the mountains of Colorado. His passion for photography and adventure come from growing up in Colorado, where a large amount of his photography remains focused today.
From a very young age, Kyle has been involved in extreme sports such as aggressive inline skating and parkour. He skated competitively for most of his childhood and had a number of sponsors such as Globe Shoes and Rudy Project Sunglasses. From skating, he transitioned into parkour, which he continues to do today. Parkour has inspired his interest in sports cinematography and editing. The main focus of the videos he creates is on parkour and freerunning.
While his focus is photography and filming, Kyle has had experience on the other side of the lens. Kyle was a professional stuntman who has worked on six film projects and is credited on the IMDB. He has been blown up, shot, engaged in gunfights with the police, and was killed in the Vietnam War. Kyle has worked with legendary stunt coordinator and actor James Lew, and Christopher Atkins. Working with the Red Cinema Camera played an influential role in switching sides of the camera and becoming involved in cinematography.
Kyle has had the opportunity to explore much of Colorado and photograph various parts of the country, from Hawaii to upper-state New York. However, there are still many places in the world he wishes to explore and capture.

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