Thursday - December 13, 2018

Matthew Harris

Nothing in the world is off limits. Matt has always believed this.

Matt’s obsession with success and personal development began with a push-up routine he developed at the age of 9. Since then his passion has manifested itself in a variety of outlets, mainly: athletics, sales and entrepreneurship. Matt excelled in athletics and had a successful career as an NCAA division II baseball player. He was also fortunate enough to achieve honors as a top-performer in the #1 ranked sales internship in the country while wrapping up a degree in Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

Matt went on to build his first successful business after graduation, acquiring 330 clients in just over 3 years – equipped with nothing but a telephone. Matt’s motto has always been “Relentless Forward Momentum”. He believes in it so much that it became the brand and launch platform for his first self-published book and action guide. When he is not fighting to inspire others, he is blogging, re-recording a failed YouTube video, playing racquetball, doing yoga, working out, reading business books, or obsessing over Katy Perry.

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