Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Megan Amsel

When Megan isn't coming up with her next blog topic, she's busy growing her creative agency, Tripod Creative. She specializes in business development, marketing strategy, and public relations. A transplant from Ohio, Megan got her introduction to start-up culture working in the publications department at the National Business Incubation Association while an undergrad at Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism. She put her degree on hold to go work for the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff, where she worked in public relations and policy. Because of her time abroad, she graduated a quarter late, in September 2008. After watching Lehman Brothers fail, she decided to take advantage of the looming recession and moved to Aspen, where she hung around the Aspen Institute and interacted with people much more accomplished than she could hope to be. Now, she lives in Boulder, still hanging out with incredibly accomplished and cool people.

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