Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Nick Sokoloff

Nick Sokoloff is an Advertising major with a Technology, Arts, and Media minor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Nick is an avid fan of all things creative, yet thinks of himself as a business-minded individual in a constant search for endeavors and skills that he can find passion in.

Nick is a fast learner, especially when it comes to technology, and loves being able to add new applications to his expertise. He constantly finds himself spending hours on his computer creating video edits of his travels, perfecting photos in Adobe Lightroom, and producing music on his computer. He is passionate about all things music. Whether it is discovering, creating, or collaborating. In short, Nick loves to create.

Nicks' hobbies are guitar playing (both individually and in a band), photography, video editing, music production, movies, skiing, snowboarding, wake boarding, surfing, and all things travel oriented. While a California native, Nick has grown to love Colorado and all things Boulder. Chances are you will find him on the slopes, camera in hand, trying to capture the perfect shot!

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