Thursday - January 17, 2019

Savannah Kruger

Savannah wants to create a world of less separation, where people feel loved in community and are following their passions. In the past 5 years of her living in Boulder she has started a community service group, ran Ecstatic Dance events, co-created intentional, co-housing communities, hosted more than a hundred potlucks, led leadership and meditation workshops at CU, empowered hundreds of business owners, and bicycled thousands of miles of Boulder pavement. The good people of Boulder have taught her to always follow her resonance and passion. She is currently helping build an alternative school in Boulder, organizing various awesome events around town, and is starting a student group at CU called Self-Love Club. She is deeply invested in Boulder’s community, wants to help local businesses thrive, and has committed herself to serving and loving the people and potential of her home. She wants to be your friend and introduce you to the magic of the Boulder community!

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