Saturday - March 23, 2019

Tim Wormser Director of Business Development

Tim grew up in a loft in Soho in Lower Manhattan, a go getter with a variety of skill sets. He studied Communications & Digital Marketing at Fairfield University before recently moving to Boulder. Professionally Tim has been involved with managing social media and digital content and sales for a variety of businesses, ranging from a start-up Alternative Energy company in Connecticut to a cutting edge Architecture & Development firm in Manhattan.

Currently he is working on the logistics of AboutBoulder.Com, developing new strategies and projects utilizing the power of a one stop internet site for everything that is both interesting and concerning in the city of Boulder. With new projects and ideas always in mind, Tim is always looking for an exciting blog opportunity or working on trend setting post Boulder needs to hear about.

In addition to his digital skills, Tim is an avid snowboarder and an enthusiastic restuaranter with an appetite and interest in new cuisines and the evolving Farm-to-Table movement.

Tim's Recent Content