Friday - October 22, 2021

8th Wonder Tea in Boulder CO

8th Wonder Tea
Boulder, CO 00000

Our Mission

8th Wonder Tea’s mission is to create earth-conscious teas that deliver the extensive benefits of organic, superfood ingredients to power your body and mind. That’s why we’re the tea that takes you places.

Our superfood teas will give you the energy and mental acuity needed to go wherever life takes you, from your desk to the trail and beyond. We intentionally choose organic, fair trade ingredients with the cultural traditions behind each tea in mind, then combine them with custom spice blends for flavor optimization. Each tea is packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and superfoods that increase performance and wellbeing. And what’s even better? By the time our teas reach your taste buds, we’ve donated 1% of our profits back to the environment.

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