“Why do I love Boulder? Because it’s so diverse. You have rich white people dressed as rich white people, poor white people dressed as rich white people, rich white people dressed as poor white people, and poor white people dressed like poor white people.” The crowd that surrounds Sam Malcolm on Pearl Street Mall laughs and awkwardly observes the throng of people swarming by. Sam grew up on a Paiute reservation in Nevada. He came to Boulder in 2009 to pursue juggling and street performing. With torches in hands, Sam does death defying feats of juggling, and keeps the crowd laughing with often times PG-13 humor. Laughter and comedy had always been a part of Sam’s life as a way to face the hardships he felt growing up, and the hardships he still faces today. “Laughter is one thing everyone has in common.” Be sure to check him out combining his passion for juggling and comedy on the Pearl Street Mall or on his website at www.SamMalcolm.com