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Six companies – founded on crafting products with two formerly prohibited substances (one, still, federally prohibited) – partnered, last weekend, March 2 – 5, to support the Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF).

This was BIFF edition 13, the Colorado Film Society’s largest event of the year. For four days, the Boulder community celebrated film and other fine arts – drawing thousands of movie enthusiasts, filmmakers, musicians and other artists – with a variety of acclaimed independent film screenings, and awards in ten categories.

Saturday evening, from 4 – 6pm, The Lazy Dog transformed their stage area into the BIFF Filmmakers Lounge, and The Farm – cooperating with four sponsors – hosted the happy hours with music, concessions, drink and food, conversation and community.

Credit: Event Sponsors (from top left to bottom right) Wanna Edibles, Suerte Tequila, Dixie Elixirs, Wibby Brewing

The event showcased singer-songwriter Amy Kress and attendance was open to anyone who could provide a ticket stub from a BIFF screening. This crowd was awarded two tickets for free drinks (cocktail options made with Suerte Tequila, and Wibby Brewing Beer), and access to a buffet of appetizers.

Each sponsor had a booth, to answer questions and display company products. Wibby Brewing had their own coolers, to moderate traffic from the bar and provide customers their choice beer (sometimes, no ticket required).

Often, at the bar, visitors tried to use their tickets for ‘an IPA, please’ but, they were quickly informed by the tenders, only Wibby – which crafts specialty lagers, specifically – applied to the tickets, then redirected to the Wibby IPL, possessing the desired hop quality.

The focus was providing culture to local Boulder residents and companies and, therefore, stimulating the local economy. Suerte Tequila is a Boulder-based company, vertically integrated with its distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, and this was its first time served at The Lazy Dog. Wibby is brewed in Longmont, CO. Wana Brands and Dixie Elixirs have Colorado operations and are found sold at The Farm.

The turnout was healthy and kind. The Farm took pictures and thanked everyone in attendance, their fellow sponsors, BIFF, and The Lazy Dog. And, as one gazed from the bar, across the room and to its stage – among the many skin colors, different hair, hats, appearance and age – one feeling resonated: this is what Boulder, or any busy morning at The Farm, looks like.

With context, celebrating creative expression has long been accompanied with mind-altering experiences. These events bring people together, establish community, and exist as proof that cannabis is not a stigma or social degradation but, in moderation, something to be celebrated and integrated with our social order.


Thank you to all involved in this event and the Colorado Film Society. It was a pleasure.


If you are currently, or have before, taken part in a partnership-sponsored community event like this, send a brief description to cole@rhatigans.com with subject: Cannigive (name & residence). I will follow-up for the story.


Disclaimer*** Cannabis products are for individuals 21 or older, consume responsibly.

Born in the OC, raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and trained at the UNESCO City of Literature’s University of Iowa, Cole has a BA in English Literature and Certificate in Writing from the University’s undergraduate program. Existentially overwhelmed by our grand story and humanity’s terrible scale, Cole maintains purpose through a focused appreciation of travel, new experience, creative expression, helping others and giving back to the planet. He has backpacked across Western Europe, exchanged labor for lodging on organic farms, and volunteered with underprivileged youth programs in his own neighborhood. He believes in sustained positivity, empathy, altruism, and the great potential of a more connected human species. Cole’s values drew him, early in young adulthood, to the symbiotic nature of cannabis consumption and culture. He realized, immediately, the hypocrisy and greed behind cannabis prohibition. Therefore, he is an everyday advocate for breaking stigmatization. He believes cannabis not a simple hobby but, a movement. His future plans include making bomb vegan food, more travel, living the Boulder life, and – before hitting the big ‘three-zero’ – an MFA in Creative Writing.