Happy New Year. I hope you feel refreshed and motivated for a successful year to come. I love Tony Robbin’s definition of success – Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want. I wish that for you!

When I hear his definition, I am motivated! I want to be flying around with my favorite ex-ultimate players, and my family, visiting amazing places, once a quarter. I want to coach leaders who want to become the most effective they can be in their chosen profession. I want to practice in a beautiful office in Boulder and on the phone while I travel. I want to practice yoga during sunrise and sunset in comfortable outdoor settings. I want to keep a budget and eat the health food my body craves. I want to come home to a beautifully decorated and smart house, as well as dance like no one is watching.


What in the world is it that you want to be successful around, and what did you do last year to get closer to that goal?

An overview of 2017 and a finalized list of 2018 goals are what is in store for today. You’ve grappled with your future desires, and you’ve dreamed and schemed a beautiful picture.

Now lets make some decisions and sit still in what you’ve already created last year so that you have a clear picture of yourself in time. To have the meditative strength to see yourself clearly is not an easy job. It takes lifetimes. Get a snapshot now so you can be present with the year to come, and most of all, so you can make sure you live your life to it’s fullest. This will keep you from regrets, as you become an elder. You don’t want to wish your life were different when it comes time to meet your maker.

Even though this kind of work (overviews and such), is not the simple kind you get to check off your list, but it is the most important work you will do this year. When you plan and reflect, then your daily chores will feel like they are connected to an overall purpose. Life won’t seem so mundane.

Answer these questions on this auspicious day. Make it a conversation with someone you care about.

  1. What did you accomplish last year?
  2. What do you wish you would have done differently?
  3. What do you feel super satisfied about?
  4. How have you grown in stature?

I’ll answer a sector of each question from my point of view to grease the wheels for you.

  1. I got on a great exercise and food regimen in rhythm and routine this entire year. It’s a paradigm shift, and I can relax in knowing that I will never go back to the diet I used to know. This new health is a part of me now.
  2. I wish I would have kept my cool during the intense moments of my children’s chaos, without shouting and threatening.
  3. I feel super satisfied that I ended my career direction with the Breakup Expert, although it has been sad to see all the hard work and determination go south, it’s worth making a decision now.
  4. I have grown in stature in regards to my mother’s disease. I have taken many classes that help me prepare, deal, and take leadership in her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. I can be proud that I have advocated on her behalf, educating and illuminating my family and friends on how best to navigate this horrible disease.

Now, it’s your turn. Have a conversation before you go to bed tonight, contemplating these 4 questions. You’ll have a better idea of the period you just put on 2017, as well as where you want to grow in 2018.

Finally, write down your 10-15 major goals for 2018 before another day of it goes by. Keep these written words in front of you – post at your desk or wherever you are most likely to stay motivated around these 10-15 ways you commit to growing and stretching in 2018.

I wish you productive contemplation and a fun/full belly to laugh and play as you dance into your new year with grace, ease, and prosperity.




Kate Galt writes the Motivation Monday Blog for AboutBoulder.com.

Her mission is for those in relationship to be the best they can be to each other. If that’s not happening, it’s time for an overhaul. As a Certified Relationship Coach, Kate Galt is known as the Breakup Expert because she understands the healthiest way out of heartache. The breakup transition is a HUGE change that takes an enormous amount of energy to overcome. If she can motivate, uplift, and guide men and women going through this devastating transition, she’s living her purpose.

Share these resources with your friends in need. Kate’s YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/thebreakupexpert) is a five-star resource. Her Friday Night Broken Hearts Club (https://kategalt.com/webinar-registration/) is a free online meeting not to be missed. These tools provide tips and strategies to recover faster and start laughing again.

Kate hopes the Motivation Monday Blog inspires you to dream big and follow-up that dream with bold action!