Monday, January 22, 2018


Lifestyle News Headlines

It's Boulder vs. Denver at BIFF's CineCHEF event - Thu, 18 Jan 2018
Denver chefs, beware: Boulder's got this. The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) is bringing back its CineCHEF culinary competition at 5 p.

Hana Japanese Bistro simply satisfies with seafood: review - Thu, 18 Jan 2018
Hana Japanese Bistro in Louisville fills the bill for a low-key but quality Japanese dining experience. A comfortable setting, a few less common choices like the black cod, and most hospitable vibe make for a most agreeable meal.

Fred Thrall turned 70 and set powerlifting records - Wed, 17 Jan 2018
In celebration of Fred Thrall's 70th birthday, he decided to do something special. He competed in a powerlifting competition. And he made state and national records in multiple categories

Workout: Move It! Improve It! at Louisville Recreation Center - Wed, 17 Jan 2018
Nancy Hillmer, is an occupational therapist with decades of experience working with people with Parkinson's disease, leads an exercise class aimed at fighting the effects of Parkinson's. With the help of props like chairs, mats, balls and plastics bags, the exercises encouraged students to maintain good posture, extend their reach further and relearn basic automatic movements.

Nutrition Talk: Small changes make resolutions more attainable - Wed, 17 Jan 2018
It's a new year, and for many of us it represents a time when we get to hit the metaphorical refresh button on our health. In fact, the most popular New Year's resolutions are focused on achieving better health -- specifically, getting fit and losing weight. It can be a very inspiring and motivating time until it's not.

O'Meara: Dry times call for winter water - Wed, 17 Jan 2018
When January rolls in, a lot of gardeners get itchy for spring. Seed catalogs tease us. We stare wistfully out windows, and pace restlessly in garden sections of stores. What we don't embrace is the plants giving in to spring fever.

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