Your One-Stop Site for “Everything Boulder”

Boulder Colorado residents Scott and Sarah Armstrong announce the launch of a new community website: is an all-inclusive, online resource that gives residents and visitors access to everything they need to know about Boulder and Boulder County.

The site has great depth. With over 17,000 pages and 500 categories, it covers “Everything Boulder and Boulder County from A – Z,” according to Scott. This means that from this one site you can find all the information you need to know related to Boulder and Boulder County, including:  

  • Local attractions and entertainment
  • Local events and event tickets
  • University of Colorado
  • Restaurants
  • Lodging
  • Shopping
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Local news and weather
  • Local government information
  • Current gas prices
  • Fun stuff like local TV listings and horoscopes!
  • And now – local business advertising

“Our goal is for everything anyone needs related to Boulder and Boulder County to be included,” says Sarah. “We want to be your one-stop resource for everything you need to visit, live, work and play in our wonderful county. We’re even talking about adding a ‘What’s for Lunch’ and ‘What’s for Dinner’ feature, which will allow local restaurants to post daily specials.”

She adds that is modeled after the highly successful website which has been live for several years now and gets well over 800 unique visits each day and 100,000 monthly page views.

What Makes “Work” so Well?

Steve Holmes, CEO of BoomerCo Inc. and developer of both and, published his first geo-community site almost 20 years ago on behalf of the Galena, Illinois Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and has been refining his formula for community sites since then.

“That first Galena site won an award from the State of Illinois for being the Best Website of the year in Illinois. Turns out it was also one of the first community websites in the country.”

According to Holmes, BoomerCo’s community sites are all built on a state-of-the-art system designed for high ranking by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In addition to custom design and search engine ranking, readers are given many paths to the content they seek by:

  1. Typing their keyword phrase or an organization name into search.
  2. Clicking through the hierarchy of categories and sub-categories.
  3. Starting with the tabs for Welcome, Visit, Live, Work or Play.
  4. Scanning the Site Map for the kind of information desired.

These multiple paths benefit human users as well as search engine bots, according to Holmes. “Our goal is to make it very easy for About Boulder’s audience to find what they are searching for, no matter where they enter the site, and no matter whether they are searching by category, specific city — or just using the ‘search’ box contained on the site!”

Much like an online yellow pages directory, the search feature queries many thousands of pages and businesses to quickly list all relevant matches. All Boulder County businesses are included in this directory as a public service, showing business name, address, phone number, map location and driving directions. Each listing is clickable to an individual page for each business.

According to Scott Armstrong, he has already begun to sell local business advertising on  Any organization wanting extra visibility may upgrade their listing to a featured status so that they appear with their logos above other basic listings. Additional options include banner advertising, promotion via Facebook & Twitter, or even becoming an exclusive Community Partner of

Speaking of Facebook, in a very short time, has already been LIKED by over 800 people at

Continuing with the community service aspect of, Scott Armstrong has announced that 10% of all advertising revenue will be donated to each advertiser’s favorite local charity. Armstrong calls this Boulder Giving, and it is part of a larger service that he has named The Appreciation Plan.

Additionally, is now publishing its own unique articles in the About Boulder Blog, and focusing heavily on CU Boulder student life in its Buff Stuff section. is the first local community site in the country to employ a new groundbreaking technology called MultimediaToolbox, to publish all articles automatically in text, audio and video formats. By offering content in this variety, the site meets Google’s Handicapped Accessibility Guidelines, thus is rewarded with higher search engine page rank, while also improving reader satisfaction and engagement.

About the Armstrongs

Scott Armstrong has been a Boulder resident for over 25 years and is a University of Colorado Alumni. For the last ten years Scott has had a very successful life coaching business and has helped numerous people around the world achieve their goals and dreams.

In addition, Scott is an international author with books in over 65 countries. “I have been helping people around the world for the last ten years; now I want to help give back and help the local community be more successful,” said Scott. He also volunteers with different groups around Boulder.

Sarah Armstrong has spent 26 years in the corporate travel management industry (20+ years in Boulder).  She recently left the industry to join her husband in pursuit of their entrepreneurial and local community interests to create

Her prior position as an on-site Travel Manager with a local non-profit company for the past 16+ years gained her a solid foundation in both professional and technical skills, impeccable marketing abilities and recognized customer service experience.  Sarah also involves herself with volunteering her time in a variety of community programs.

Sarah has a keen understanding about what is important to individuals who want to become better acquainted with their travel destinations.  From finding the most suitable lodging, dining, local entertainment and/or outdoor recreation for any demographic, she has always been considered a “go-to” resource.  Her perspective of what’s important for people to know made for a perfect fit when contributing to the idea to launch an all-inclusive web based Boulder County directory.