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3 Places to Visit on “The Hill”

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Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

Almost every student at CU Boulder has an opinion about “The Hill,” a very popular section of Boulder with shops and restaurant within walking distance from the university. Many students, including myself, will head over to “The Hill” between classes for a quick bite to eat or to grab a cup of coffee. However, “The Hill” is also infamous for having a wild party scene and being possibly dangerous after dark. Because of this, I cannot responsibly recommend going to ‘The Hill’ at night, especially if you are alone. However, I have been to ‘The Hill’ a number of times at night and on my own, and nothing has happened. While it is unlikely that anything would go wrong, it is important to be vigilant and careful. I have also traveled to “The Hill” many times during business hours while a student at CU, and I have never felt unsafe or concerned. ‘The Hill’ features some of the best places for students near campus. During my time as a CU Boulder student, I have discovered three places on ‘The Hill’ of which I have become a regular.

The Corner

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Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

The first place on my list as a favorite place to frequent on “The Hill” is The Corner, a casual restaurant featuring some fairly healthy dining options. The Corner was the first place I visited when I initially came to Boulder, so perhaps I enjoy this restaurant out of nostalgia as, indeed, this eatery is slightly expensive, and that detail might deter some fellow students from this restaurant. Because of this, I tend to visit The Corner only when I know I have the budget for it. The menu has a fair amount of variety, and as such, offers many options to choose from. A favorite item of mine is their veggie burger. As a vegetarian, it can be a difficult feat to find an excellent veggie burger. The Corner, in my

opinion, accomplishes this. They also have a number of delectable rice bowls which can function as the perfect lunchtime meal. Though perhaps the best thing about “The Corner” is its location. This restaurant is situated in a prime place on “The Hill.” Going to The Corner is the perfect area to hang out with friends or study while eating a light meal. During days of nice weather, one can also sit outside and enjoy the Boulder scenery.

Rush Bowls

For a student looking for something quick and easy to munch on before heading off to class, Rush Bowls is a prime option. Considering Boulder prices, Rush Bowls is not too expensive, especially for the quality. The menu boasts a wide variety of fruit and acai bowls and smoothies, as well as accommodating patrons who have dietary restrictions. Perhaps this inclusivity is what makes this restaurant so special. Rush Bowls accommodates customers who follow vegetarian or vegan diets, as well as patrons who are dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, as well as wheat-free. This restaurant even offers options which are completely non-GMO. Rush Bowls is perfect for just about any student, especially for a quick breakfast or lunch. This restaurant is a healthier option for a meal than heading over to McDonald’s, as well as tasting better (in my opinion, anyway). These meals are also easily transportable, which means you can walk with your food on the way to class. Perhaps my favorite thing about Rush Bowls is the wide variety of bowls they offer, meaning that they have something to suit everybody’s taste.


I have truly saved the best for last with my final pick. This comfortable eatery is nestled in a little nook within “The Hill,” which makes it easy to miss. I truly cannot say enough about this tea shop, whose main feature is boba drinks. Some of the offerings at Lollicup are flavored teas and milk teas, as well as slushes, snows/ices, and smoothies. There

woman holding white ceramic teacup

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

are also some options for small bites if you are hankering for a snack. Boba teas are a personal favorite drink of mine, and I have sampled them in many places – including England. I can honestly say that Lollicup has the best boba tea I have ever tasted. While the Pekoe Sip House on campus has a number of tasty options for on-campus drink options, their boba teas do not even kind of compare to Lollicup. If I have to walk a little further to get to Lollicup instead of Pekoe, I absolutely will. Even though going to Lollicup may be less convenient for students than Pekoe Sip House, the quality makes it worth it.

“The Hill” is a great place for students with a number of wonderful restaurant options. While the options on “The Hill” can be slightly pricey, they are typically no more expensive than any of the other places in Boulder. I suppose what makes the restaurants and other shops on “The Hill” stand out from other places in Boulder is the quality. Going out in Boulder means overpaying for just about everything, so you might as well spend money on what you know will not go to waste. For a student who has never been to “The Hill” before, I know how intimidating it can seem. However, if one takes the time to look around and decide which places suit them the best, they can find some wonderful spots on “The Hill.” I must emphasize again that I do not recommend going out to “The Hill” alone at night. While “The Hill” can be a fun place, it is always essential to stay safe and protected.

Taylor Denton is a movie-loving, vegetarian, nerdy student living in Boulder, currently working to complete a degree in English. She was born on March 22nd, 1998, in Springfield, Missouri. She began writing short stories when she was in middle-school, publishing her first poem in a book created by her school. In high school, her love for creative writing expanded and came to life. She has continued to write, which has become her passion in life. She now writes in college from the perspective of a student, working as often as she can to keep her voice active and evolving while she continues to purse her enthusiasm for writing.

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