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Colorado’s Highest Marijuana Consumers: A County Breakdown, The Mouse That Roared!

May 17th, 2024

In Colorado, including Boulder, several cities and counties stand out for their high per capita use of both recreational and medical marijuana. For recreational marijuana, the highest per capita sales have been reported in southern border communities like Las Animas County, which includes the city of Trinidad. This area has seen a significant influx of marijuana sales, partly driven by visitors from neighboring states like New Mexico and Texas. In 2017, Las Animas County led the state with over $3,100 in recreational cannabis sold per capita. That’s about an ounce a month average per person.... Read More

Leading the Charge: NORML’s Impact on Marijuana Law Reform!

May 16th, 2024

Once a year, at the beginning of June, we gather in the incomparable Aspen, Colorado for the NORML Aspen Legal Seminar. Genius drug lawyers, the best of the best, gather to “cross pollinate” as famous lawyer Gerry Goldstein calls it. Presenters over 3 days share their individual expertise, raising the knowledge base for all of us. The NLC has always been a leader in sharing our combined knowledge. We share a real dedication to our mission. This is exemplified by the legal seminar. Aspen has always welcomed us with open arms, great lodgings, wonderful food, and with a chance to visit... Read More

The History of NORML: Championing Cannabis Reform Since 1970

May 15th, 2024

The History of NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws In the landscape of cannabis advocacy, few organizations have had as profound an impact as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Founded in 1970 by attorney and activist Keith Stroup, NORML has been at the forefront of the fight to legalize cannabis and reform marijuana laws in the United States. This blog delves into the rich history of NORML, exploring its origins, significant milestones, and the legacy it continues to build.The Birth of NORMLKeith Stroup, a young public interest lawyer,... Read More

NORML Legal Committee Returns To Aspen and the Gant!

May 14th, 2024

Maroon Bells Is The Most Photographed Scene In Colorado. The oldest and most respected of the Marijuana Policy and Education groups in the world, NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was formed by Keith Stroup in 1970. Today, the NORML Legal Committee NLC is composed of some of the finest drug defense lawyers in the Country. The Aspen Seminar is a yearly time to “cross-pollinate.” For the first half of the day these genius attorneys with international reputations provide ongoing education to our NLC lawyers. This includes our “science guy,”... Read More

Boulder’s Pot Prophesy: Legalization Lowers Smuggling Into the USA

May 13th, 2024

A promise and expectation tied to pot legalization has become the hoped for reality. The legal market was to hurt the illegal market.Our USA marijuana for the USA is cheaper than smuggled pot, far better than smuggled pot, and reduces the flow of money into the coffers of the Mexican Cartels. This benefit of legalization was anticipated and hoped for, and now is a reality! When we devoted decades of our lives to legalization of marijuana, we included our thinking that legalization would decrease pot trade for the underground cartels and other gangs. Many older stoners remember low-grade brick weed,... Read More

Boulder’s Burning Question: Cannabis or Cancer, Which is Safer?

May 3rd, 2024

          Organic Chemistry Class: Lab Technique You already know from reading my blogs that I am not great at suspense. If I was, I’d be writing mystery stories and I’d be wealthy. I am neither writing mysteries nor am I wealthy. Yet. I had always wondered if smoking pot was any safer than smoking tobacco. Is one more more carcinogenic than the other? Are there different health risks? How do the ingredients added by combustion compare? Iverson provides a beautiful comparison chart. In short, there are not staggering attention-getting differences! Both contain known carcinogens.... Read More

Cannabis Rescheduling from Schedule 1 to Schedule III, Boulder Boon or Boondoggle?

May 2nd, 2024

There is no question for Boulderites, as I perceive it, that the Federal Government through the DEA, the conservative drug enforcement administration, has shifted its marijuana position. This is great news! BUT in spite of this outward showing of a softening attitude towards cannabis, specifically psychoactive marijuana, there are huge problems newly created by Schedule III. The benefit? The outward concrete move to reduce the severity of anti-marijuana laws is good. For states that do not have legal medical or recreational marijuana, the impact could be life-altering for some patients. So what’s... Read More

Examining Colorado’s New Laws and Regulations for the Marijuana Industry

April 30th, 2024
Examining Colorado's New Laws and Regulations for the Marijuana Industry - AboutBoulder.com

Since Colorado pioneered the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012, the state has stood at the forefront of cannabis regulation and innovation. As the industry has evolved, so has the legal framework that governs it. There was a large shift in regulations this year. The new rules set by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, effective from January 8, 2024, bring several adjustments that may significantly influence the industry’s landscape. Overview of New Regulations Updating regulations and policies, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has set new protocols for online... Read More

Fentanyl Facts: Beyond the Hype in Boulder

April 30th, 2024

Hype or Horror? Is Fentanyl really a thousand times stronger than heroin, or is it all Boulder hype? ” Devil’s lettuce” and other less colorful references kept cannabis scary and illegal for many decades, and it turned out to be mostly nonsense. What about Fentanyl? What about naloxone, Narcan, available over-the-counter? The answer is “yes” and “no.” Let me explain. **Answer Key**: If administered quickly enough, naloxone can often reverse an overdose. The “official numbers” on how much stronger fentanyl is than heroin can be misleading. It... Read More

What are the Key Features of a Successful Cannabis Business Social Network?

April 19th, 2024
What are the Key Features of a Successful Cannabis Business Social Network - AboutBoulder

Discussions about the cannabis business are now part of daily routine. Many co-workers, fellow professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts now openly discuss on various social forums. The social revolution is being considered popular among many start-ups. While such cooperation is mostly done in social media, it also incorporates other online channels, such as web browsing. Growcycle is a social network for the cannabis business and is not just a business forum. This article will determine the key features of a best cannabis business social networks and observe the chances and constraints for enthusiasts. 1.... Read More