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Epic Moments at the Bolder Boulder: Celebrating with Smiles and Splashes

May 27th, 2024

This Faces of Boulder, Bolder Boulder Edition captures the essence of this renowned running race, where participants of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate on an incredible Boulder day. Among the vibrant scenes of runners pushing their limits and spectators cheering with enthusiasm, a young man strikes a playful pose before taking the plunge into a refreshing pool, perfectly encapsulating the joy and camaraderie of the event. This epic photo is a testament to why the Bolder Boulder is considered one of the best races in the country, set against the stunning backdrop of Boulder,... Read More

Bolder Boulder Finish Line Festivities: Celebrate Your Victory in Style

May 27th, 2024

Congratulations on crossing the finish line at the iconic Bolder Boulder Road Race in Boulder, Colorado! After completing this challenging and exhilarating race, it’s time to celebrate your accomplishment. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-time participant, Boulder offers a plethora of post-race activities to help you unwind, socialize, and bask in the glory of your achievement. From scenic hikes to delicious dining experiences, here are 10 unforgettable ways to make the most of your post-Bolder Boulder celebration.  Enjoy a Scenic Hike in Boulder After the adrenaline... Read More

Bolder Boulder: Faces of Determination Against Green Mountain

May 26th, 2024

In the latest edition of “Faces of Boulder – Bolder Boulder Edition,” we capture the determined runners participating in one of the most renowned races in the country. Set against a backdrop of a beautiful day, the iconic Flatirons and Green Mountain, towering over 8,000 feet high, create an epic and inspiring scene. These athletes embody the spirit of resilience and community that defines Boulder, pushing their limits with every step on this celebrated course. The vibrant energy of the race, combined with the stunning natural beauty of Boulder, showcases the unique charm of... Read More

Boulder Power Couple’s Unmatched Performance: Both Win First Place in Race

May 25th, 2024

In an extraordinary display of athleticism and determination, Boulder residents and couple Aaron and Colleen have achieved a rare and remarkable feat by both securing first place in the grueling Colorado Springs 24K race. Known for its challenging terrain and competitive field, the 24K distance demands exceptional endurance and rigorous training. This victory is a testament to the couple’s dedication and the countless hours they’ve spent preparing at high altitudes, a known advantage for world-class runners. Boulder, a Mecca for elite athletes, provides the perfect environment for developing... Read More

Boulder’s Top Dogs: Uncovering the Canine Culture of Colorado’s Best City

May 25th, 2024

When it comes to pet-friendly cities, Boulder, Colorado stands out as a haven for dog lovers. With its scenic trails, dog-friendly businesses, and welcoming community, Boulder has established itself as a top destination for four-legged friends and their owners. In this article, we’ll delve into the vibrant canine culture of Boulder, uncovering what makes it a paradise for pups and a model for other cities to emulate. Scenic Trails and Outdoor Adventures One of the defining features of Boulder’s canine culture is its abundance of scenic trails and outdoor adventures that are perfect... Read More

Pearl Street Performers: The Faces that Bring Boulder’s Famous Mall to Life

May 21st, 2024

Pearl Street Performers: The Faces that Bring Boulder’s Famous Mall to Life The Pearl Street Mall, established in 1977, is one of the most iconic and unique pedestrian malls in the country, celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic charm. This historic mall stretches through the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado, and is renowned for its lively street performers who captivate visitors with their diverse talents. From musicians and magicians to jugglers and dancers, these performers infuse Pearl Street with an infectious energy, making it a beloved destination for both locals and tourists. The... Read More

Boulder Creek: Friends, Furry Companions, and a Golden Sunset

May 20th, 2024

A Blissful Polar Evening in Boulder As the sun begins its descent, casting a warm, golden hue over the picturesque town of Boulder, Colorado, a group of friends gathers by the serene waters of Boulder Creek. Their laughter mingles with the gentle murmur of the creek, creating a symphony of joy and tranquility. The sky is painted with shades of orange and pink, highlighting the majestic Flatirons in the distance, their rugged beauty softened by the evening light. Dogs frolic along the creek’s edge, their playful antics adding to the scene’s charm. This beautiful polar evening encapsulates... Read More

Boulder’s Hidden Gem: The Tranquility of an Afternoon by Boulder Creek

May 19th, 2024

Glacial Bliss: Reconnecting with Nature in Boulder’s Enchanting Creek As the Boulderite and her loyal dog companion sit by the edge of Boulder Creek, the serenity of the moment is palpable. After hiking several miles, there’s a unique joy in shedding their shoes and immersing their feet in the pristine, glacial waters flowing down from the majestic mountains above. The crystal-clear creek, a rare gem running through the heart of Boulder, offers a refreshing respite and a connection to nature’s purity. The vibrant day underscores Boulder’s fortunate position as one of the few... Read More

Buffs in Paradise: The Scenic Serenity of CU Boulder

May 18th, 2024

Welcome to the most beautiful campus in the country, the University of Colorado Boulder. Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Flatirons, the campus offers an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and vibrant student life. On a typical sun-drenched Boulder day, you can find CU students lounging on the expansive lawns, studying under the shade of majestic trees, or enjoying a casual game of frisbee. With red-roofed buildings mirroring the surrounding mountains and an atmosphere buzzing with youthful energy, the University of Colorado Boulder isn’t just a place of learning—it’s... Read More

Faces of Boulder: A Serene Springtime Fishing Experience

May 15th, 2024

Springtime in Boulder unveils the beauty of its mountain lakes, enhanced by the clear glacier runoff and the gentle warmth of the season. Amid this serene landscape, a Boulder woman and her child engage in the timeless activity of fishing, bonding over the tranquility of the waters above Boulder. This picturesque scene captures not just the breathtaking natural beauty of the area but also the cherished moments between a mother and her child. Here, fishing is more than a pastime—it’s a way of connecting with nature and each other, set against the backdrop of Boulder’s awe-inspiring... Read More