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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day – Summer!

August 15th, 2022

Summer is a longtime Boulder resident and will be a Senior in High School this year. She loves the people in Boulder and likes that everyone really cares about each other. Summer was part of the team that helped save the Twin Lakes Owl preserve in 2016. Keep up the good work Summer and thanks for making Boulder a better place!      Read More

Boulders Dog of the Day!

August 11th, 2022

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Outdoor Pic of the Day!

August 9th, 2022

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Faces of Boulder – Ollie!

August 7th, 2022

Meet Ollie! Ollie recently moved to Boulder to experience the culture and world-class climbing it has to offer. So far he is loving the decision, and is knocking off classic climbs every day. Besides crushing boulder problems, Ollie loves the atmosphere and hanging out with fellow climbers at the crags. If you don’t know who he is, you can tell you’re climbing with Ollie if his beta for any problem includes at least four heel hooks. Thanks Ollie!  Read More

Faces of Boulder ~ Pic of the Day

August 6th, 2022

“I was unsure when people told me that I would like Boulder, but I’ve never been happier.” Originally from Boston, Grace is here at CU Boulder studying Evolutionary Biology and Pre-Vet. She originally wanted to be a surgeon for humans, but after shadowing various surgeries at a vet clinic she decided she wanted to be a veterinarian. “I just like animals more than I like people.”  Read More

Outdoor Pic of the Day – Mallard on Boulder Creek

August 6th, 2022

Almost all domestic duck breeds have their origins in the Mallard (everything except the Muscovy Duck). Domestic ducks are abundant in city ponds and can be difficult to distinguish because they lack the white neck ring, have white on their chests, are completely dark, or have bizarrely formed crests on their heads. A duck attempting to dry itself off in a small pond off the creek. Photo credit: Mickey Kahn  Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day – Woody!

August 5th, 2022

Meet Woody! Woody visits the dog daycare I help out at every so often, and has quite the personality. Some of his favorite things include belly rubs, a good stick, and catching his own tail (which he is extremely good at I might add). Rumor has it, if you pet him behind the ear in just the right way, his tail can wag near the speed of light. Boulder is home to many incredible and interesting animals, and Woody is no exception.  Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

July 31st, 2022

Most days a week, you can find Pete and his bumper sticker-covered Subaru, dubbed “The Starship”, climbing somewhere on Flagstaff Mountain. “Bouldering is not only a great way to train; it can clear your mind and help you find balance,” he articulates. Pete plans to become a mountain guide, where he can utilize his climbing knowledge to help others summit peaks. He has his eyes set on many of the world’s highest mountains, and a determination that will surely land him on top.  Read More

Outdoor Pic of the Day – Flatirons and Green Mountain

July 30th, 2022

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day ~ The Wise Man!

July 29th, 2022

Every face has its own story, but this one tells two. This is a true face of Boulder, Colorado. A face that can always be found downtown. A face that has its own spirit and lives as part of another. A face that really is a window to the soul. This isn’t only the face of a man wise beyond his years; this is part of Boulder’s collective, figurative “face”. A character that gives Boulder some of its own character. This face tells a story of the people who live here. People who are creative, active, and appreciative. People with depth. People who welcome creations such as this one into the... Read More

Boulder’s Dogs of the Day!

July 29th, 2022

Colorado is frequently ranked high on lists of the most dog-friendly places. Match.com ranked Colorado as the number one dog loving state. Spending quality time with pets, specifically dogs, provides humans with companionship and can improve health. From a physiological standpoint, being with your dog can release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that elevate your mood. There are also other ways in which they can increase your health and  longevity. Increased physical activity. Dogs are more likely than other house pets to beg for play or exercise, encouraging owners to take more... Read More

Outdoor pic of the Day – Hummingbird & Bee

July 28th, 2022

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day ~ Jenna!

July 22nd, 2022

Meet Jenna I found Jenna sitting outside of Lolita’s on a nice sunny afternoon. She was in an in depth conversation with an older man who seemed to be passing on some good advice. “After I left work today, I knew I needed to gather wisdom from an elder. I ended up talking to this man who was walking by Lolita’s. He ended up teaching me a valuable piece of knowledge when I needed it most. He gave me some general guidance and pointed me in the right direction. We talked for about 15 minutes. He walked away and thought about what I said and came back half an hour later with the advice I needed.... Read More

Outdoor Pic of the Day – Bees in Boulder

July 20th, 2022

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Faces of Boulder ~ Digs!

July 13th, 2022

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

July 9th, 2022

“I chose to pursue a career as a physician because of a strong desire to serve. My ultimate goal is to provide compassionate and dignified care in a medically undeserved area.”  Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

July 9th, 2022

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Outdoor Pic of the Day! Butterflies in Boulder

June 29th, 2022

About 80 different butterfly species can be found in Colorado, with the black swallowtail, two-tailed swallowtail, western swallowtail, monarch, mourning cloak, variegated fritillary, Weidemeyer’s admiral, painted lady, and checkered skipper being the most prevalent.   Photo Credit: Tony Harman  Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day

June 29th, 2022

“For me, the connection between nature and beer was very natural. I’m a mountain biker, skier, camper… and my business plan spoke to that. We produce and sell craft beer for outdoor enthusiasts and [a can] is the best was to take a beer with you while enjoying nature; it’s compact, can be crushed after use, and recycled. And from the beginning, we have tried to be sustainable—we are FSC certified, we have a high efficiency boiler, and buy wind turbine credits to be 100% wind powered… [The environment] isn’t better off with business, but it is our duty to be responsible.” Matt... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

June 17th, 2022

Some people shy away from cameras – others jump in front of them. Peter Hurley, a world-renowned headshot photographer, has put his own spin on this. He believes that a good portrait requires that the camera doesn’t mess with the subject, but that the subject messes with the camera. Once someone loses sight of the insecurities provoked by the camera, they start to perform for it. People start to play with the camera. They stare into it as if they were playing head games. They treat it as if it were a person looking at them – a person they want to make an impression on. These two girls were... Read More