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Faces of Boulder – Trius!

March 4th, 2022

Trius has never liked jobs that makes him unhappy. There’s no point to get up and go work for something that doesn’t fill you with passion and joy.  There are interactions that would have never been made if he didn’t go out into the world and create his art. Not only create art, but re-create himself into someone he whole-heartedly believed he is meant to be. Being trained in Realistic Art People’s faces, he sees each face is different, equipped with a new personality that makes up the characteristics on the face sort of like everybody has their own finger print! Thanks... Read More

Tara & Gaia Go Hand-in-Hand

July 16th, 2020

Mama Gaia! Greek goddess of Earth! Of goodness! Of nature’s glory! Inherent in Boulder’s vocabulary is an understanding that anybody who refers to “Mother,” or “Mama,” is very well referring to Nature, or Gaia. How telling it is to live and embrace ourselves in a place where our blood-mothers are not the only nurturers here. Where do we think they learned from! Julie Tara, spiritual soul, musician, dancer, mother, and poet, hosted a Songs of Gaia coming out party to celebrate her newest book premiere, on Wednesday, January 20 at the Boulder Bookstore. Realizing how “extremely... Read More