Monday - July 22nd, 2024

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Drag Queens of Boulder: A Pride Party!

On Friday night, Morning Glory in Lafayette hosted a Drag Queen Show. My first. Debi’s first. What craziness! This was a mix of adult humor, a parade of the Khloe Khloecrew, and cross-dressing men. It was fun, funny and on the bizarre side in a comfortable way. The audience loved it! The entertainers made respectable tips.

Kloe Katz, the organizer and leader of the show. Of the two costumes they wore, this was my favorite. I like colors.

While I did not find it particular sexy, being partial to women myself, I was totally entertained. The vibes were open, warm, and less confrontational than many comedians. Although the audience, in good clean fun, was “picked on” as in so many excellent comedy shows, it was all in the spirit of entertainment. I admit I was entertained.

Mateo, part of the Morning Glory staff, got into the spirit of the event. So did we! I remain secure in my “normal” sexuality. I am also, I have learned, not threatened by men dressed as women, who may prefer men, women, or both as partners. I was happy for them that the freedom to express themselves actually exists.

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