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Boulder Cat Attempts Purr-fect Crime: Prince Eugene’s Napoleonic Heist

In the quaint town of Boulder, where history buffs and feline aficionados often cross paths, a curious caper unfolded at a local tea party that has since become the talk of the town. The culprit? None other than Prince Eugene, an 11-pound American shorthair cat with a penchant for pastries and a name steeped in military prowess.


A Tea Party with a Historical Twist

Angela Naus, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) by day and a history enthusiast by night and weekend, decided to throw a costume-optional tea party to celebrate her love for the Napoleonic Era. The table was set with a faded white lace tablecloth, reminiscent of 19th-century France, and adorned with an array of snacks that would have made Marie Antoinette proud.


The Snacks Were Laid, The Cat Was Swayed

As the guests mingled, discussing the intricacies of French Revolution history, little did they know that a four-legged Field Marshal had his eyes on the grand prize—a tray of delectable snacks. Prince Eugene, named after the enterprising 18th-century Austrian Field Marshal, was swayed by the sight of the feast before him.


A Heist Fit for a Prince

With the stealth of a seasoned soldier and the grace of a courtier, Eugene approached the table. On his tippy-toes, he reached for the snacks, his eyes gleaming with the reflection of the treats just out of paw’s reach. Alas, his efforts were in vain, as the vigilant party guests caught him in the act. Foiled by his own ambition, Eugene could only watch as the tray remained untouched by his whiskers.


A Legacy of Mischief

This wasn’t Eugene’s first foray into the world of culinary capers. He once made headlines for attempting to abscond with an entire three-course meal, a feat that has since restricted him to indoor adventures. Yet, his spirit remains unbroken, and his appetite for mischief—and snacks—remains insatiable.

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A Boulder Local’s Insight

Nauss, when asked about her mischievous companion’s antics, could only laugh. “Eugene has been a character since day one. He’s just like his namesake; always scheming new antics for battle. It’s part of his charm”


In Conclusion

While Eugene may not have succeeded in his snack-stealing quest, his spirit of adventure and undeniable charm have captured the hearts of Boulder’s residents. His tale serves as a reminder that sometimes, the joy is in the journey—or in Eugene’s case, the attempted journey to the snack tray.

So here’s to Prince Eugene, Boulder’s own little Napoleonic conqueror, whose escapades remind us all to approach life with a little more playfulness and a lot more purr-severance.


Want to Learn More?

Angela Nauss is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with a passion for history and cats. She has a private practice in Westminster, publishes research about psychology, and provides clinical support staff at Naropa University in Boulder. https://www.nausstherapy.com

Prince Eugene is an 11-pound American shorthair cat who was adopted from the Boulder Valley Human Society and lives in Westminster, Colorado. He is most famous for his Instagram presence, and particularly a video in which he attempted to steal an entire three-course meal. He is not allowed inside anymore. IG Handle: @princeeugene_thecat


Dr. Brenna Bray, a local health and wellness coach, stress researcher, associate professor, and avid ultra-marathon mountain runner, holds PhDs in Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, and Complementary and Integrative Health. Her journey through an eating disorder fuels her dedication to coaching, merging personal experiences with scientific expertise. Through her practice, Bray empowers clients to access and harness their innate healing abilities and achieve remarkable health and wellness transformations. Committed to community engagement and holistic well-being, Dr. Bray shapes a brighter, healthier future for all. Learn more about Dr. Bray at www.brennabray.com.

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