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Boulder’s Iconic Lady Buff’s: A TEAM For All Seasons!

March 31st, 2024

  In Her Last Game As a Lady Buff, Sherrod, 00, Buckshot, Went Out With A Glow of Glory! Whether She Is Passing Like A Pro, Shooting Like A Master, Running Like A Lamborghini, Or Inspiring Her Team As She Drives Them Ahead, Supercharged, She’s Been There For Us! THANK YOU! We Could Not Have Asked More Of You! To close out their season our Boulder Lady Buffs did NOT go down in flames. They went down in glory. Iowa with their famed Caitlin Clark was playing as you’d expect of a number one seeded team. Is she the best player in 30 years? Perhaps YES! What a show.  As always our... Read More

Boulder’s Sunrise Serenades; A Tapestry of Buffs and Other Colors!

March 3rd, 2024

  Sunrises in Boulder are like sunsets in many other places. They can surpass even our wonderful sunsets. One must get up early and stay up late. Boulder‘s less good news. Washington State beat the Lady Buffs in the last game of this season. We say “good bye for now and THANKS! to Buckshot, #00, Ms Sherrod, making zero the biggest number in the list of numerals! The casino’s roulette edge is our edge too. We wish her our best and our thanks for being so amazing. She totally outdid herself this afternoon, seemingly flying through the thin mountain air over the boards. In... Read More

Saturday Boulder Sunrise Over the Buff’s Valley

March 2nd, 2024

  As the sun rises over our Boulder Valley it shines on our Lady Buffs. The excitement of the final game of the season pervades the Valley! And I get to share my tale of re-discovering my Buff status. I did not realize that I was and am a BUFF!!! Do I have a degree from the justifiably highly respected institution of higher learning, the University of Colorado? I do not. BUT I have taught class sessions there, have presented to thousands of students at various conferences, and I believe I am either a Buff or an honorary Buff. My real connection to my Buffness came at the hands of a friend... Read More

Boulder’s Lady Buffs SEASON FINAL GAME SATURDAY Wash State to Wallop!

March 1st, 2024

  The Lady Buffs are gearing up for an exciting game against Washington State tomorrow, and anticipation is high for standout performances from key players. The Lady Buffs have been on a winning streak, showcasing their skills and teamwork in recent games. They have demonstrated remarkable prowess on the court, notably in their last game against Washington State, where they secured a win with a score of 63-57. This victory is part of their successful run, highlighted by their strategic play and the exceptional contributions of their players​​​​. #22 and #00 are among the players expected... Read More

Boulder Friday Sunrise Over Victorious Lady Buffs

March 1st, 2024

  Even our neighbor the Coyote is happy about the sun rising over the victorious Boulder Valley and It’s Buffs! Even our guests from Washington have to appreciate the beauty of the Valley. It is truly glorious to wake up to. While the crowd was a bit thin, we were jubilant and truly enthused. The vibes were there as if the arena was full! The school band was in fine form from their playing to their dancing and their  well-rehearsed cheering. They inspired the people lucky enough to motivate to the game. The cheerleaders-dancers were in fine form also. A hard crash face-first into the... Read More

Boulder Thursday Stained Glass Sunrise

February 29th, 2024

  FIRST, the important things! Our Lady Buffs play Washington tonight at home in Boulder. GO BUFFS! Have a great day capped by a Lady Buffs game. This remains one of the best sports tickets money can buy, and a wonderful inspired local team to support. See you there! The University of Colorado Boulder’s women’s basketball team, known affectionately as the CU Lady Buffs, has a rich history and a dedicated following. This team, representing a university well-regarded for both its academic and athletic excellence, competes in the Pac-12 Conference, one of the most competitive... Read More