Even our neighbor the Coyote is happy about the sun rising over the victorious Boulder Valley and It’s Buffs! Even our guests from Washington have to appreciate the beauty of the Valley. It is truly glorious to wake up to. While the crowd was a bit thin, we were jubilant and truly enthused. The vibes were there as if the arena was full! The school band was in fine form from their playing to their dancing and their  well-rehearsed cheering. They inspired the people lucky enough to motivate to the game. The cheerleaders-dancers were in fine form also.

A hard crash face-first into the floor took Jaylyn Sherrod, #00, “Buckshot,” out of the room. After whatever medical checkup and treatment was complete, she was able to return to the game. She was apparently no worse for the wear and tear.  When I say “she rules the court” I mean that literally. Her return came with a vengeance. She appeared super-charged by the medical. Medical eval and treat took a while.   She was back on the floor, playing harder than ever before the end of the game. A cheer went up as the crowd realized that she was back and obviously both medically cleared and in fine mettle! Her ball handling, dribbling, and especially her passing is a real treat to watch. Her “power passes” over-hand with both hands and arms and her entire body behind the ball were precise and FAST. She made more than her share of baskets to boot. When she charges the hoop dribbling in from the 3 point line, I certainly would not want to get in her way. Repeat all of  that except the face plant for #2, Tameiya Sadler. Jaylyn, had she been skiing, had a 5 point crash. She lost both skis, both poles, and her helmet.

Sometimes, like last night, there is great joy in Mudville, since Mighty Casey hit it out of the park! Revisionist history can be a wonderful thing, although sometime hard on the poetry. “It’s a small price to pay for beauty”, said Butch Cassidy. We return on Saturday for the next home game against Washington. The Saturday afternoon game looks far more crowded than Thursday night was, and I wish we’d gotten our seats earlier. The casual attitude of “buy your seats in no huge rush and have your pick of where to sit” vibe from last night was absolutely not in evidence when I bought the Saturday tickets after the Thursday night victory. I anticipate a full or close to full house as we plan to send Washington home with another defeat.

I’d love to say, I think, that Washington did not play well. The truth is that Washington was excellent, and the Buffs were better <G><grin>. Three pointers including from the corners ruled the court for the Lady Buffs. They remain one of the best bang for the buck sports events in the area. Our wonderful seats tonight cost $10 each. I did NOT leave out a zero. In our world of $65 for nosebleed at a cheap  concert, $10 for excellent seats is quite the bargain. Personally having a short attention span, I prefer the timing of the women’s game, with the shorter quarters than men’s basketball. The sixty minutes of play time is like a movie that runs 90 minutes. For a movie to run over about an hour and a half, it had better justify the extra time, since movies were designed to be 90 minutes long.  I feel the same way about basketball. I love the 15 minute quarters.

My wife Debi has hours on her CU transcript (with a solid A history), and many hours of continuing education classes at CU, also with all A’s. I have taught a number of class sessions on drug-related issues, and have presented at numerous events on campus. We consider ourselves Honorary Buffs, with Debi being a Buff-in-fact. In fact I hereby dub myself a Buff-in-fact based upon my teaching there and my being adopted by my adopted home in the Boulder Valley.

Our Lady Buffs had a great game, beating Washington after leading for the entire game. The Buff’s play was tight, coordinated, and a real treat to watch!



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