Sunday - March 3, 2024

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Boulder Friday Sunrise Over Victorious Lady Buffs

March 1st, 2024

  Even our neighbor the Coyote is happy about the sun rising over the victorious Boulder Valley and It’s Buffs! Even our guests from Washington have to appreciate the beauty of the Valley. It is truly glorious to wake up to. While the crowd was a bit thin, we were jubilant and truly enthused. The vibes were there as if the arena was full! The school band was in fine form from their playing to their dancing and their  well-rehearsed cheering. They inspired the people lucky enough to motivate to the game. The cheerleaders-dancers were in fine form also. A hard crash face-first into the... Read More

Strut A Little

August 10th, 2015

Confidence is self-belief. It is having faith in your own abilities. Confidence is just a surplus of positive thoughts impacting your attitude. When you are consciously or subconsciously thinking more good thoughts than bad thoughts, you will have confidence. It is that simple. We have all had an area of our life where we did not feel confident. Maybe it was delivering a public speech, stepping into the batter’s box against a really good pitcher, or playing an instrument that we were completely uncomfortable with. Our confidence, or lack thereof, was and always will be a function of our thoughts. I... Read More

Victory Lap

December 1st, 2014

Now it is time to give a wave to the crowd and shake your opponent’s hand. He fought a good fight but you were too mentally strong for him to overcome. The crowd is chanting your name again. The crowd saw you get knocked down. They saw you get back up. They admire you for that. Your victory tonight was earned. You faced so many challenges and never lost faith in your goal. It powered you through the tough moments and helped you maintain your intensity when the momentum was on your side. The lessons you learn in the boxing ring are the same that can be applied in all other areas of your life.... Read More

Colorado Football and the Spirit of CU

September 6th, 2013

With the beginning of a new football season underway, it’s hard not to notice the change in disposition among CU students and the city of Boulder. You can feel it on campus, on the Hill, downtown, and in living rooms across the city; finally, we’ve got a football team worth talking about (instead of sighing about). Students, their families, alumni and Boulderites everywhere are unraveling their dusty CU flags and waving them with pride, adorning themselves with Colorado T-Shirts and other CU paraphernalia before stepping out the door to greet their neighbors with, “How ’bout... Read More