Victory Lap

Now it is time to give a wave to the crowd and shake your opponent’s hand. He fought a good fight but you were too mentally strong for him to overcome. The crowd is chanting your name again. The crowd saw you get knocked down. They saw you get back up. They admire you for that. Your victory tonight was earned. You faced so many challenges and never lost faith in your goal. It powered you through the tough moments and helped you maintain your intensity when the momentum was on your side.

The lessons you learn in the boxing ring are the same that can be applied in all other areas of your life. Boxing is a great metaphor for the fight that we all endure. All of us are fighting some type of battle in our lives. We are working to get better at something. Whether it is launching a business, raising well-behaved children or fighting to make a MLB roster. The perseverance it takes to overcome the obstacles you will encounter says everything about your character. People that continue to fight, end up with what they want. People that give up, do not.

Everything is controllable with a big vision and a plan to start moving forward. You can lose those 50 pounds. You can build a million dollar a year business. You can write a bestselling novel. There is nothing that is impossible. You just have to be willing to envision yourself winning and then tape your hands, lace up your shoes, put on your gloves and fight like hell.

There are always going to be times where you get knocked down. When you learn how to pull yourself up off the ground when you get knocked down, something changes in your life. You become invincible. You realize that nothing can permanently beat you. You have a quiet confidence walking alongside you for the rest of your life. It is a helping hand when things get tough. It is a constant nudge in the direction of your dreams.

When you become a winner in life you can never go back. When you learn how to pull yourself up off the canvas when you get knocked down you will never forget.  You can win at anything when you believe you can. There is nothing that can stop you. You are a real-life superhero. You are a person everyone looks up to. Words like “gifted”, “talented” and “special” have no meaning to you. You earned your success with the work ethic of a champion. You were a champion in your mind long before you had the belt around your waist. You spent years developing yourself. Alone. While no one was looking.

Raise your hands in celebration. Hold up that championship belt in victory. You have waited so long for this moment. You have dreamed of it your whole life and now it is a reality. Every minute of training was worth it. All of the pain and disappointment along the way is now irrelevant. You are a champion. You are the victor. You will never be “normal” again. You stepped into the ring and emerged an entirely different person. You are unbeatable – inside the ring and outside of it.