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Just Give Up Already – 3 Easy Ways to Become a Great Quitter

March 29th, 2021

We all have goals, dreams, visions and things that we would like to accomplish. I hope. I am surely wrong. Some people will drift aimlessly their entire life – allowing their negativity to become their reality. These people have not really given up on their dreams, they don’t really have any to begin with. If you have no desire to attain something you cannot fail. That is a safe way to have a terrible life. This blog is targeting people who actually do have goals and dreams. They have things that they DO want to accomplish. This blog is for you. All the people who are fighting every day to... Read More

Victory Lap

December 1st, 2014

Now it is time to give a wave to the crowd and shake your opponent’s hand. He fought a good fight but you were too mentally strong for him to overcome. The crowd is chanting your name again. The crowd saw you get knocked down. They saw you get back up. They admire you for that. Your victory tonight was earned. You faced so many challenges and never lost faith in your goal. It powered you through the tough moments and helped you maintain your intensity when the momentum was on your side. The lessons you learn in the boxing ring are the same that can be applied in all other areas of your life.... Read More