give up

We all have goals, dreams, visions and things that we would like to accomplish. I hope. I am surely wrong. Some people will drift aimlessly their entire life – allowing their negativity to become their reality. These people have not really given up on their dreams, they don’t really have any to begin with. If you have no desire to attain something you cannot fail. That is a safe way to have a terrible life.

This blog is targeting people who actually do have goals and dreams. They have things that they DO want to accomplish. This blog is for you. All the people who are fighting every day to accomplish a goal that very few can even understand.

I want everyone to understand how easy it is to give up on your dreams. There are 3 things that you can begin doing immediately that will almost ensure your failure. Take this blog how you will. Your interpretation will be your reality. You can find the good and the bad in this blog….if you look hard enough.

Step #1:  Surround yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear.

Life is difficult. Becoming a millionaire is impossible. Writing a New York Times Bestselling book is not realistic. You could never hit a baseball like Albert Pujols.

For most people, life is something to endure. Life is not conquerable. If you really want to fail, you need to surround yourself with people who will support these limiting beliefs. When you have a rough day, you need to have somebody who will support and perpetuate your negative thoughts.

Don’t spend your time with somebody who will pull you out of your funk. Don’t spend time with somebody who will support your dreams and encourage you to take action. Failing is a function of surrounding yourself with those who will keep you down.

Don’t make friends with somebody who will tell you the truth. When you say you want to be the best salesperson in an organization, yet your actions don’t reflect that, close your ears when somebody makes an effort to reconnect you with that goal. You don’t want to hear the truth. Ignore the contradiction between your words and actions. Correcting the contradictions that you live will only change your life for the better.

Step #2: If somebody else failed at something, you will too.

Don’t ever forget that if somebody has tried and failed at something, you surely will too. This is an inevitable fact of life. Why even try? If somebody else couldn’t do it, how arrogant are you to think that you could?

Failure is final. Avoid failure at all costs. Living an average, mediocre and insignificant life is something to be proud of. Never taking risks means never experiencing challenges. It means comfort.

Be comfortable. Live a comfortable life and I am sure you will never regret anything.

Remember, this world is fiercely competitive. People are so much smarter than you give them credit for. You have absolutely no chance of competing with 7 billion other people. There is absolutely no way that you can go out and provide a massive amount of value in this competitive world. Somebody else has beat you to it.

Dedicate your life to comfort and ease. Live a simple life. Work for somebody else, help them build their dream and stop imagining that you will do great things. It is too late for you.

Step #3: Stop making “small changes” in your life.

Making “small changes” to your daily habits will do nothing for you in the long term. They are an absolute waste of your time. Nobody ever accomplished anything through consistently developing better habits.

Think about Michael Jordan. He was just lucky. He was born a gifted athlete. I am sure he did not spend a whole lot of his time practicing and developing himself as an athlete. I am sure he did not waste his time with boring and repetitive activities (i.e. practice).

If you want to get into shape, it makes absolutely no difference if you start small. A couple of 15 minute workouts each week are not going to help you lose 50 pounds. You are better off not working out at all. Why even make an effort? Why waste your time?

**BONUS: Step #4: Continue reading idiotic blogs like this**

To be honest, I am surprised that you made it to this point in this absolutely atrocious blog. This is total garbage. I hope this blog really pissed you off. If it didn’t, then I am sorry. It was supposed to.

This blog really pissed me off to write. Halfway through I felt like throwing my laptop across the coffee shop. Somehow I refrained.

This blog articulates the mentality that 99% of the people in the world have regarding success. Absolute garbage. People think that they are incapable of greatness. They believe it. They believe they are undeserving. They make excuses for why they can’t start somewhere. The truth is that the blueprint above WILL WORK. If you want to fail.

Most people love to fail. It is a way of life.

I for one do not believe it. I am sick and tired of people who believe this. If you want something make the changes that you know you need to. You have the capability and it is NEVER too late.