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Boulder’s Iconic Lady Buff’s: A TEAM For All Seasons!

  In Her Last Game As a Lady Buff, Sherrod, 00, Buckshot, Went Out With A Glow of Glory! Whether She Is Passing Like A Pro, Shooting Like A Master, Running Like A Lamborghini, Or Inspiring Her Team As She Drives Them Ahead, Supercharged, She’s Been There For Us! THANK YOU! We Could Not Have […]

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Saturday Boulder Sunrise Over the Buff’s Valley

  As the sun rises over our Boulder Valley it shines on our Lady Buffs. The excitement of the final game of the season pervades the Valley! And I get to share my tale of re-discovering my Buff status. I did not realize that I was and am a BUFF!!! Do I have a degree […]

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Boulder’s Lady Buffs SEASON FINAL GAME SATURDAY Wash State to Wallop!

  The Lady Buffs are gearing up for an exciting game against Washington State tomorrow, and anticipation is high for standout performances from key players. The Lady Buffs have been on a winning streak, showcasing their skills and teamwork in recent games. They have demonstrated remarkable prowess on the court, notably in their last game […]

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Boulder Friday Sunrise Over Victorious Lady Buffs

  Even our neighbor the Coyote is happy about the sun rising over the victorious Boulder Valley and It’s Buffs! Even our guests from Washington have to appreciate the beauty of the Valley. It is truly glorious to wake up to. While the crowd was a bit thin, we were jubilant and truly enthused. The […]

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Sun Rises On Kansas City, Monday Motivation for Boulder!

Repeat Of Yesterday’s Sunrise As Kansas City And Our Lady Buffs Have GREAT Days! Our Boulder Lady Buffs had a tough game yesterday, inspiring my ticket purchase for the home game on 2/29/2024 <G>  The Lady Buffs are going to dominate! Lensworth Shared Knowledge Is Power  

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close up photo of brown short coated dog laying on plush toy

Sunday Short Dog Story and GO BUFFS!

I am happy to share that we’re headed to see Boulder‘s Own Lady Buffs play USC this afternoon. However, that limits my time window for writing this Featured Dog blog. So I figured out that I just have to write about a short dog. In fact, about the SHORTEST DOG! Hint: Fido approves.  Apparently the […]

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Saturday Sundown in Boulder. BUFFS, REST TONIGHT, WIN TOMORROW!!!

I admit it. As one Boulderite to another, I am addicted. The rapidity of the addiction is scary, and I caution all of you! Beware of the addictive Lady Buffs’ Basketball! After only ONE game, against UCLA, I have already gotten tickets for tomorrow, Sunday’s game. PAC 12 USC is visiting, hopefully for the lessons […]

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