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Boulder’s Sunrise Serenades; A Tapestry of Buffs and Other Colors!

March 3rd, 2024

  Sunrises in Boulder are like sunsets in many other places. They can surpass even our wonderful sunsets. One must get up early and stay up late. Boulder‘s less good news. Washington State beat the Lady Buffs in the last game of this season. We say “good bye for now and THANKS! to Buckshot, #00, Ms Sherrod, making zero the biggest number in the list of numerals! The casino’s roulette edge is our edge too. We wish her our best and our thanks for being so amazing. She totally outdid herself this afternoon, seemingly flying through the thin mountain air over the boards. In... Read More

Saturday Boulder Sunrise Over the Buff’s Valley

March 2nd, 2024

  As the sun rises over our Boulder Valley it shines on our Lady Buffs. The excitement of the final game of the season pervades the Valley! And I get to share my tale of re-discovering my Buff status. I did not realize that I was and am a BUFF!!! Do I have a degree from the justifiably highly respected institution of higher learning, the University of Colorado? I do not. BUT I have taught class sessions there, have presented to thousands of students at various conferences, and I believe I am either a Buff or an honorary Buff. My real connection to my Buffness came at the hands of a friend... Read More

Boulder Friday Sunrise Over Victorious Lady Buffs

March 1st, 2024

  Even our neighbor the Coyote is happy about the sun rising over the victorious Boulder Valley and It’s Buffs! Even our guests from Washington have to appreciate the beauty of the Valley. It is truly glorious to wake up to. While the crowd was a bit thin, we were jubilant and truly enthused. The vibes were there as if the arena was full! The school band was in fine form from their playing to their dancing and their  well-rehearsed cheering. They inspired the people lucky enough to motivate to the game. The cheerleaders-dancers were in fine form also. A hard crash face-first into the... Read More

Sun Rises On Kansas City, Monday Motivation for Boulder!

February 12th, 2024

Repeat Of Yesterday’s Sunrise As Kansas City And Our Lady Buffs Have GREAT Days! Our Boulder Lady Buffs had a tough game yesterday, inspiring my ticket purchase for the home game on 2/29/2024 <G>  The Lady Buffs are going to dominate! Lensworth Shared Knowledge Is Power    Read More

Saturday Sundown in Boulder. BUFFS, REST TONIGHT, WIN TOMORROW!!!

January 20th, 2024

I admit it. As one Boulderite to another, I am addicted. The rapidity of the addiction is scary, and I caution all of you! Beware of the addictive Lady Buffs’ Basketball! After only ONE game, against UCLA, I have already gotten tickets for tomorrow, Sunday’s game. PAC 12 USC is visiting, hopefully for the lessons that our BUFFS are happy to teach them! There are many reasons for my sudden addiction, including discovering that I enjoy the superstar women’s play more than the men’s basketball games. I like the skill, the heart, the speed, and the vibes. I like the length... Read More

Lady Buffs Friday Night: Boulder’s Own 100% Athletes with 100% Heart!

January 19th, 2024

  First, the less good news. Boulder‘s beloved and respected Lady Buffs were beaten tonight. Now for the rest of the story. WHAT A GAME!!! The score was within a couple of points or tied for most of the game. Only at the end did UCLA pull ahead. The fantastic crowd expressed verbal displeasure with some of the officiating. From what I could see, I’m with the crowd on this one. And what a crowd it was! 11,600 people, ALL of whom were a pleasure to share the room with. While of course disappointed that our Lady Buffs did not win this one, the game was fantastic, and the entire evening... Read More

Fido Friday For ALL DOGS!

January 19th, 2024

It should come as no surprise to any Boulderite that Boulder Canines are huge LADY BUFF fans! And while we will be gracious hosts as would be expected of Boulder, UCLA will leave town having lost to the Lady Buffs. They’ll leave with their tails between their legs, like lost abandoned dogs. No disparagement to the pups intended <G> Speaking of lost dogs, one of the greatest places to find a new family member already waiting for you is at the Humane Society. These adoptable pups are not “second-class” in any sense of the word. They come in all sizes and colors and breeds,... Read More

Fido’s Friday Morning Boulder Smile

January 19th, 2024
blue green and orange birds

Wake Up, Then Look At This Picture. THEN With A Huge Grin, Face Friday!  Photo Lenny Lensworth Frieling More Boulder Magic is based on location when we look into the Denver Zoo. Easy drive, easy parking, reasonable prices, especially memberships on sale, and a slew of slivering slimy savvy sorts of animals from all over the world. With a focus on protecting the more threatened animal species, the habitats have been and are being built with the comfort and sanity of the animals in mind. Our Denver “guests” think that they are the audience and that we zoo visitors are the daily year... Read More

Lady Buffs UCLA Anticipation Sundown! GO BUFFS!!!

January 18th, 2024

Fido Friday and the Lady Buffs-UCLA match up are approaching FAST! We have general admission so we’ll go over around noon tomorrow.  Camera in hand of course! Earplugs! Leaving UCLA in the Background, Our Lady Buff Scores a Layup for 2. 3’s Are NOT Uncommon! Photo Lensworth Game Thoughts The University of Colorado Lady Buffaloes are gearing up for a high-stakes showdown against the formidable UCLA Bruins in tomorrow night’s game, set to be a riveting display of collegiate basketball prowess. As conference rivals, each encounter on the court is charged with intensity, but... Read More

Lady Buffs Sparkling Sunrise

January 17th, 2024

Today we can welcome in the sunrise with the concomitant rise of the Lady Buff’s sun! Our own Lady Buffs, by beating Stamford, is now the third ranked team. The CU Lady Buffs have been showcasing an impressive performance recently. Key players like Aaronette Vonleh and Maddie Nolan have been instrumental in their victories, with Vonleh scoring significantly in a recent game and Nolan contributing with multiple 3-pointers. Their game strategy involves a balanced approach between inside scoring and perimeter play. The team has also seen substantial contributions from players like Charlotte... Read More