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Boulder Butterfly Bonus Bonanza: Flitting Flitillary & Spring Azure

pic Gwen Dordick Fritillary! These butterflies remind me of the finch. There are a plethora of types of fritillary, as there are pages of different finches in the bird ID books. They share a common challenge. Most look about the same. Google ID, generally amazing, was great in ID’ing this as a “fritillary,” and different […]

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Boulderites in WARMER weather: The Morikami Iguana

Boulderites who visit South Florida visit the Morikami Gardens. The tranquil manicured paths are home to birds, beasts, sculptures, serenity, and iguanas. Although Florida is a tad warm this time of year, the lizards do not seem to care. The Morikami Gardens are a place of great tranquility demonstrating the Japanese style of garden; elegant […]

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Navigating Spousal Privilege In Boulder: ‘Til Court Do Us Part!

Happy Tuesday! Tuesday can be work-day of great accomplishment. We’re passed “adjust to the work week Monday,” and not at hump day yet. Today is a day for great accomplishments. For a law-related, Law & Order related serious topic,  let’s chat about legal spousal privilege. Does a person have to testify against a spouse in […]

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Boulder’s Brainard Lake: Moose Wander! Photograph of the Month Follows!

Our Photographer of the Month, Gwen Dordick and her hiking partner Lundie Guerard were in familiar territory at Brainard Lake. They are both photographers in this blog. From the parking lot to Pawnee Pass, 3000feet, 915 meters, above the parking lot. They are quite familiar with Long Lake, Brainard Lake, Isabelle, and the others passed […]

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Boulder’s Angry Bird: Bathing Starling Baby

Angry Bird! Brancher Starling Rescued From Water A Little Too Deep!  pic Debi Dodge This Boulder Brancher Starling was bathing with a parent. It got in over its head and had to be rescued with a dustpan. Then it was a tad displeased as it shook itself dry. Angry Bird! The Starling is not a […]

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Boulder Flatirons Eagle! Hidden in Plain View

Our Photographer of the Month, Gwen Dordick, caught this amazing picture of discovery. The Eagle is there if you look. Its head is easiest to find and to use as a signpost for the rest of the magnificent bird.                                                pic Gwen Dordick

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