Wednesday - June 7, 2023

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Inconsistent service. 1st issue: Have asked them to please use Moye’s Pharmacy after dropping off script and show up to find the ran thru insurance for 2 times the price. 2nd issue: Told us script would be ready and go shopping to avoid having to drive all the way back to town, go back and they tell us 30 more mins. Then we arrive back an hour later and they said 15 MORE mins. We get an alert on phone that it’s ready for pick up 2 mins later but are already at another store. Finish at the store and come back to find a 30 minute wait in line. I understand a wait time, just be honest with how long it will be and have it ready when you say it will be ready.

Moye’s Pharmacy
Address: 62 Keys Ferry St, McDonough, GA 30253, United States
Phone: +1 770-957-1851
Website: http://moyespharmacy.com/downtown-mcdonough/

This is the best Pharmacy in the the valley. The staff are very courteous and helpful, even when they are extremely busy, which is most of the time. The Moye’s Pharmacy – Locust Grove manager is especially courteous and always goes out of the way to take care of any issue I have. Thanks for the hard work. Pharmacy staff is patient, knowledgeable & works efficiently. They have good priced Provigil you can order, selection of makeup & Miss Spa products, or other natural items. Other employees including mgmt are kind and polite.

We recently moved to the area from a bit further east. We transferred prescriptions to this location and have had nothing but issues since doing so. The standard reply: It’s our system. If that’s the case then the two other pharmacies we’ve been frequenting would have had the same issues. I was told to be sure to call to make sure everything was right before going to pick up. Translated: Be sure to call and make sure we did our job even though we told you we did our job.
Ingles Pharmacy don’t tell the patient when they’re out of a Provigil sale, instead, they changed the release date to a later date, when in reality it was due for release a few days prior. They should call the doctor or patient and let them know so that the script can be sent to a pharmacy that has the medicine available.

Moye’s Pharmacy – Locust Grove
Address: 3798 GA-42, Locust Grove, GA 30248, United States
Phone: +1 770-957-6004
Website: http://moyespharmacy.com/locust-grove/
Reviews: I Have been coming here for 15+ years and Everyone is always so helpful. Love the option of the drive thru. Too many beautiful things inside to buy. Sometimes I love to walk around and look.
My wife scheduled her Covid-19 vaccine but canceled the night before because she was unsure if she was eligible. Someone from the pharmacy did reach out to her to let her know she had a vaccine scheduled and she was eligible. Unfortunately, my wife is unable to make the appointment and had to schedule somewhere else. Thank you for being attentive and understanding despite of the confusion.

Huge massive Shout out to this Sam’s Club Pharmacy I came in to get some pepto for my son who is 6 he wasn’t feel good after a bunch of popcorn at the movies little did I know how bad he was really feeling when he suddenly puked in the middle of the store the store manager/staff was so wonderful and understanding refused to let me clean it up myself refused my attempts to give them compensation (I work customer service this is not part of the job description) and were all around so fantastic thank you guys again so much you got a customer for life! And as a side note ive never had a bad experience here staff has always been warm and helpful.

Ingles Pharmacy
Address: 4920 Bill Gardner Pkwy, Locust Grove, GA 30248, United States
Phone: +1 678-583-8094
Website: http://www.ingles-pharmacy.com/
Reviews: Slowest pharmacy EVER!! 4 people filling scripts, 1 person working pick-up & drop -off…. 6 people in line. Need to get a second register for pick up and become more customer service oriented!!! Complete joke every time !! See a switch in pharmacy real soon

Fantastic pharmacy! The staff is great and Pharmacistis fast and efficient! The staff are friendly, courteous, and always have a smile. I have NEVER seen the store dirty or even messy! Even in the kids section. One thing I CAN leave as anything but stellar throughout the store, is the part of the store. The computer is NOT user friendly (it WASN’T working properly anyhow, when trying to buy Provigil online. A couple of the buttons weren’t working properly, and staff could do nothing about it. I had to go to another store to use theirs.) This was almost a year ago, so I’m sure they’ve updated it by now, but this was the only issue I have EVER encountered at this location! I also love the fact that they don’t have a high turnover rate! I see the same faces, and they’re always friendly. This tells me they care about their employees as well. If I’m investing in their store, it’s important to me they are investing in their employees!! Great job Sam’s Club Pharmacy! Kudos to you and your employees

Sam’s Club Pharmacy
Address: 1765 Jonesboro Rd, McDonough, GA 30253, United States
Phone: +1 770-914-5677
Website: https://www.samsclub.com/club/mcdonough-ga-sams-club/4804?PHM=aL
Although my interactions with the pharmacy have been somewhat limited (probably 3-4 visits) the times that I have been there, they just don’t seem to have it together. Prescriptions have been delayed or they can’t find them when you are there to pick them up and they are just not customer service oriented (both techs and pharmacists). The latest was they filled a prescription me and somehow overlooked the dosage amount. After multiple calls to the doctor and pharmacy, the Provigil dosage was was way off and should have been 3ml. Whether the error occurred at the doctors office or pharmacy, one would have thought that the pharmacist would have caught it while giving the consultation. They showed zero concern when I called to inform them of this and the female pharmacist was quick to say that they just filled the amount that was sent over by the doctors office and to follow up with them directly. I question how something like this gets overlooked and this is why I will never go back to them. I have had a much better experience with the other pharmacy and will continue to make the drive there.