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Boulder Snorkel Skiing: What, Why, and Where?

Boulder‘s own ski area, Eldora, certainly qualifies as a hidden gem ski area. It’s right in our back yard, just west of “downtown” Nederland. The skiing is impressive, especially considering that the slopes are right in our back yard. Deep Powder Skiing Essential Gear: The Snorkel Did I say snorkel skiing? While generally a figure […]

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The Luxury Skiing Lifestyle of Boulder’s Wealthiest Residents

  Boulder, Colorado is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and thriving outdoor recreation scene. For the city’s wealthiest residents, the luxury skiing lifestyle is an integral part of their winter experience. With access to world-class ski resorts just a short drive away, Boulder’s elite embrace the thrill of the slopes amidst the […]

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Boulderites LOVE Spring Skiing: Mud, Mayhem, and Mountains!

Boulder is nestled in the Rockies, and is surrounded by our neighboring ski areas. Within 2 hours lie some of the finest skiing in the world. And, the good news!  Spring Skiing in Colorado is Spring Magic! While the snow can be getting rather sparse, and the rocks and mud can make an appearance, the […]

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5 Reasons To Hit The Slopes With Your Signifiant Other

For some couples, it can be frustrating to go out into a wintery landscape and work together as a team.  I for one say it’s important to get outside as a couple, and learning how to ski or snowboard or even teaching your significant other how can really help build a relationship. Now granted you […]

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Choosing Beginner Skis and Snowboards

Alright, you’ve decided that you love snowboarding or skiing enough to invest in your own gear. Here’s a brief guide to what you need. Boots Set aside the majority of your budget for high quality, comfortable boots. This is the most important feature of your set up, and often overlooked. Go to a few different […]

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It’s Official, Winter is Coming!

Today marked the first snow of the season in Denver and Boulder, and as winter approaches, so does the need to get your ski trip(s) planned and lift and plane tickets booked! After coming off a rough 2017-2018 winter, you may be wondering where to shoot for this season. While it’s hard to go wrong […]

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Back by popular demand, a once long ago experience will now be available to the public and their K9 Companions. This fall, Telluride Ski Resort is driving a fundraiser to support the Non-Profit Organization “Telluride Avalanche Dogs – TAD”, who keep our mountains safe. With a minimum donation of $20, we can create your Dog […]

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Learning to Ski When You’re Over 30

Learning to ski as an adult can be, well, awkward. It’s embarrassing riding the lift to the intermediate slopes alongside a 5 year old who can get off and NOT fall on their face. And as we grow out of our overconfident twenties, the fear of injury becomes more prominent. So, is it worth it […]

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Where to Ski This Weekend

Well with Wednesday’s snow, Colorado sure is feeling the winter magic now. Around Boulder grocery clerks and friendly folks keep saying “stay warm.” Toes across the Front Range shiver in wool socks and boots. And leaves? They are pretty much all gone. But this all means that ski and snowboard season is upon us! Several […]

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