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Boulder’s Baseline Road: The 40th Parallel, Latitude, and Not Being Lost

April 25th, 2024

    As one traverses the scenic landscapes of Boulder, Colorado, the term ‘Baseline’ frequently emerges in conversations and local lore. This seemingly unassuming name holds a deep historical and geographical significance that reflects the unique character of this vibrant city. Let’s delve into the captivating history and meaning behind the name ‘Baseline’ in Boulder, unearthing its cultural and geographical importance. The Origin of Baseline Unraveling the origin of ‘Baseline’ leads us to the early days of Boulder’s development, where the... Read More

Staying Safe on Boulder Spring Hikes: Tips for Preventing Sunburn, Dehydration, and Other Hazards

April 16th, 2024

Water Safety As our Boulder weather warms up, many people are eager to hit the trails and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, spring hikes come with their own set of hazards, including sunburn, dehydration, and other risks. By taking some simple precautions, hikers can stay safe and make the most of their outdoor adventures. Protecting Your Skin from Sunburn One of the most common hazards hikers face during springtime is sunburn. The sun’s rays can be especially strong at higher altitudes and during long hours of outdoor activity. To protect your skin, it’s essential to apply sunscreen... Read More

7 Features to Consider when Choosing a Winter Sleeping Bag

November 29th, 2022

Whether you are planning on sleeping in your truck to catch that first chairlift, doing some late fall or winter camping, ski touring, mountaineering, or even snow caving, picking a good winter sleeping bag can be tough. There are a ton of options, and prices, and shapes, and features. Just going to REI can be overwhelming, to say the least.  So, I am going to break down what you need to look for exactly in order of importance. 1 – Price This gets listed first because everyone has a budget when it comes to buying gear.  You should know, however, that when looking at real winter sleeping... Read More

6 Reasons Why Moab is a Great Escape From Colorado Fall

September 21st, 2022

Let’s face it Colorado is beautiful in the fall but for some, it just is not their favorite time to camp.  While most days are absolutely beautiful and make great camping weather some days see 40-degree swings between the highs and lows and it can get pretty damn chilly at night. Maybe you read my article about the 7 features to consider when buying a winter sleeping bag and you bought that sleeping bag and you’re still cold.  Well, you have a few options, you could go back to California, Texas, or Florida because you clearly aren’t cut out for this state or… you know go camping... Read More

Hotel Luna Mystica – Glamping Done Right

August 15th, 2021

Hotel Luna Mystica Down in New Mexico at the foot of Wheeler peak and right next to the Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership stands a little-known hotel…if you want to call it that.  Hotel Luna Mystica is what they call it and it is an amazing place dotted with restored vintage trailers, campsites, and even trailer hookups if you bring your own. Trailer park? Not quite. At the risk of this place being overrun, let me tell you a little bit about it. The Best Winter Glamping Escape Close to Colorado Hotel Luna Mystica is an experience, to say the least, they have several restored vintage trailers... Read More

7 Reasons to rent a Land Cruiser from Blue Ox Overland

January 15th, 2020

This summer I had the opportunity to rent a 1989 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser from @blueoxoverland here in Denver.  Not just any Land Cruiser either as it was outfitted with everything I needed to make camp just about anywhere I wanted.  We are talking about everything from roof top tent to a cooler to 4×4 lockers on the wheels. Blue Ox Overland specializes in these rigs and has a fleet of 4 in varying colors and years but they are all FJ62s, one of the most iconic series of Land Cruisers Toyota ever made. Of all the outdoor experiences I had this year in Colorado this was by far the coolest... Read More

Our National Parks and the Government Shutdown

January 19th, 2019

Begin Angry Outdoorsman. I am mad, but not near as mad as I was when I originally wrote this post last Wednesday.  You see, it has been over three weeks since the government shutdown started on December 23rd.  During this time most of our National Parks have remained open. Also during this time basic services have been halted—things like collecting entrance fees, guiding tourists, plowing the roads, cleaning toilets, emptying trash bins, and restricting access to certain parts of the parks.  Seven people have reportedly died in the parks during this time, which is actually less than the average... Read More