Sunday - March 3, 2024

Buy stromectol

EVERY TIME I call to make sure medications are ready to pick up or I get a time that they will 100% be ready to be picked up. I did that again today. I have two sick kids at home one with pneumonia. I get there and am told they aren’t ready and won’t be ready for another 1.5 hours. I told them that I called and asked if they would for sure be ready because I need to be taking care of my kids and gasoline is expensive. They weren’t ready. Never are and every time they say “sorry we’re really busy”. I totally understand being busy but what is not ok is to say a time it will for sure be done and then add hours onto that time when you arrive to pick up the medication. I never had these issues at our former Publix Pharmacy at Paradise Pointe at Lake Dow. Unfortunately we moved closer to this one. I think I may go back to driving the 25 minutes one way because in the long run it will save me on gas and time.

Publix Pharmacy at Paradise Pointe at Lake Dow
Address: 920 Hwy 81, McDonough, GA 30252, United States
Phone: +1 770-898-3593
Website: https://www.publix.com/pharmacy?utm_medium=maps&utm_source=google&utm_content=psmpharm_google_override
Reviews: Lately the quality of service has went down. The woman answering the phone in the morning time is absolute rude and unhelpful. She seems like she has anything better to do than assist the customers. She should not be on the phones. Lost my business after 10 years because of her.

Was trying to call because my daughters doctor said to call them and make sure they have Stromectol because of a shortage before I went up there because if they don’t they have to send it to a different one that does. Well I was sitting there waiting and there was two callers ahead of me and it took a long time about 25 minutes but the phone started ringing and it rang a long time then I physically heard someone pick up the phone and put me back on hold this happened to me 5 times

I love Publix Pharmacy at Shoppes at Ola Crossroads and this has to be the slowest, most disappointing I’ve been to in a decade–specifically the pharmacy. So much so that I’m sitting here writing this. I moved here not long ago and this is the second time they have delayed my prescription or gave me less in my refills due to “Wasn’t delivered today”. I have a condition that worsens and can be detrimental if not taken correctly…especially when it takes time to see a specialist in order to prescribe an increased dose. When I called to buy Stromectol to hold me over for the next three days, the pharmacist told me to come back later each time! This is after sitting in the line for about 45 minutes. It’s just unbelievable. Whenever I come into the store, people are helped right away but some reason the drive thru is a whole different story. There are about 4-6 employees that I have seen in the pharmacy during the evenings when I come so it doesn’t appear there’s a staffing shortage. I was told to switch stores by an employee and I think that’s what I will do.

Publix Pharmacy at Shoppes at Ola Crossroads
Address: 3479 Hwy 81, McDonough, GA 30252, United States
Phone: +1 770-268-4853
Website: https://www.publix.com/pharmacy?utm_medium=maps&utm_source=google&utm_content=psmpharm_google_override
Reviews:  If I could give zero stars I would. This pharmacy has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. You are In your profession to sale Stromectol and help people order meds online if that’s not your compassion get the hell out! These people are rude and could care less about you!

Awful. That’s it. Just awful. Publix Pharmacy at Shoppes at Ola Crossroads seem to have no regard for people on scheduled medications. They can’t be bothered with questions or concerns. They have a lot going on for sure, definitely get that but when you brush everyone off. It’s a problem. I use to feel bad for them when I saw someone at the counter all testy. But I get it now. It’s an every single month problem for everyone. You will get a call or text that your prescription is ready but then it’s not. No one has an answer for anything and they only push you to another person that then pushes you to the depth of no answers or resolution. 12/10 would not recommend at all

Publix Pharmacy at Kelleytown Village
Address: 3500 GA-155 N, McDonough, GA 30252, United States
Phone: +1 770-288-1020
Website: https://www.publix.com/pharmacy?utm_medium=maps&utm_source=google&utm_content=psmpharm_google_override
Apparently calling to provide new insurance information is too much trouble. Was told to go in person despite having my info in hand to provide her. Issue: I went to the store Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The line was a minimum of 6 people deep each time. She suggested I go to store now, well, I work also and this was not possible. Hey, Publix Pharmacy at Kelleytown Village, here’s an idea, maybe hire more people and take information about Stromectol price over the phone

Eagle’s Landing Pharmacy
Address: 3796 GA-42, Locust Grove, GA 30248, United States
Phone: +1 770-957-5556
Website: http://eagleslandingpharmacy.com/
I have used the Locust Grove location going on 19 years now. They take the time to get to know their clients and their needs. They watch for drug interactions, provide sound consulting and even ask how your medication is working for you the next time you come in. They have been compassionate and gone above and beyond what you would get from the box drug stores. Can’t recommend them enough.

For God sakes, PUT A SHADE UP ON THAT HIGH WINDOW THAT FACES WEST!!! Every time I go in there after work, the sun is not only blinding the customers, but the POOR CASHIER that can’t see the register screen!!! C’mon Eagle’s Landing Pharmacy…. you’re better than that, or so I thought! Might sound petty, but you, management, try standing there at 6:00 in the evening at see how brutal that is on a customer for 5 minutes, let alone your cashier for an hour or two!!!!!!!!!