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Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop

August 27th, 2020

  The Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop gives dancers the chance to train with a professional company as well as work with some of Boulder’s best dance teachers. The youngest dancers in the workshop are fifteen, but most are college age or older. This is not a beginning level workshop. The classes are geared towards pre-professional dancers, but as long as a dancer has had a few years of technical training, the classes should be manageable. The 2017 workshop takes place on CU Boulder’s campus from July 24th– August 5th and people from all over the country to take ballet, modern, hip-hop,... Read More

Boulder Fringe Festival-Katharine Hawthorne

August 26th, 2020

Katharine Hawthorne’s performance, Between the Wish and the Thing appeared at the Boulder Fringe Festival this year. The performance was a dive into the unknown, exploring passing time and the past, present and future. Her piece appeared at the Boulder Fringe Festival in Kelly’s Barn in collaboration with Elizabeth Chitty and John Chandler Hawthorne. The dancers broke the fourth wall and engaged the audience with interaction. When the performance started, we were all asked to open fortune cookies that had been laid out on the patio for us as the performer danced a few of our fortunes. As... Read More

Rooms Dance Perfomance

August 18th, 2020

At the end of the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop, the resident dance company, Interweave Dance Theatre, put on the show “Rooms,” using both students and faculty from the workshop as dancers. Local choreographers and choreographers from the workshop created work for this performance. Before the show began, a stone castle was projected onto the back screen. As the performance progressed, the audience got an intimate look into the rooms of the castle. Here were a few of my favorite rooms: “Mystery:” “Mystery,” along with several other pieces in the performance were inspired by the board game,... Read More

Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop Performance

August 18th, 2017

  The Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop culminated in a student performance of work choreographed both by students and instructors in the workshop on August 4th. The workshop’s performance differed from CU Boulder’s normal style of performed work in that it focused more on the artistry of entertainment based dance. However, there were larger themes present in many of the pieces, but even if an audience member did not pick up on the theme, the dance was still fun to watch. This was a good choice for the audience the workshop attracts: both parents and members of the dance community.   Here... Read More

Beginning the Boulder Dance Blog

July 10th, 2017

Boulder Dance This is the beginning of the Boulder Dance blog. The Boulder Dance blog’s aim is to cover all of the dance in Boulder. This is a daunting task as there are over fifty studios and companies in the Boulder area. The blog will be mostly limited to groups that offer dance classes to the public, but will also cover performances at festivals, arts centers and CU Boulder. This blog will cover four things:   Classes: The blog will provide comprehensive descriptions of classes offered in the Boulder community. The descriptions will note the quality of the dance space, the style of... Read More