Boulder Dance

This is the beginning of the Boulder Dance blog. The Boulder Dance blog’s aim is to cover all of the dance in Boulder. This is a daunting task as there are over fifty studios and companies in the Boulder area. The blog will be mostly limited to groups that offer dance classes to the public, but will also cover performances at festivals, arts centers and CU Boulder. This blog will cover four things:


  • Classes:

The blog will provide comprehensive descriptions of classes offered in the Boulder community. The descriptions will note the quality of the dance space, the style of dance as well as whether the class is beginner friendly or more for an intermediate or advanced dancer. The posts will also address the teachers and their style of teaching.

  • Interviews:

There will be interviews with the heads of dance studios and companies to give dancers in the community a public place to voice their dance philosophies and promote the work that they do. The interviews will cover choreographers and how they do work in and outside the community. Many have developed specific and intricate techniques that are unique to Boulder.

  • Review Shows:

There are many shows put on in Boulder county in all styles of dance. This blog will post when they are as well as reviews of the shows in local venues as well as at festivals. There are many shows put on in formal theatres, at CU Boulder and on small stages outside at arts festivals. The blog will also provide descriptions of the dance performances to give readers an idea of what to expect when going to a performance by a specific choreographer or group.

  • All Styles of Dance:

This blog does not discriminate by dance style. There are many styles of dance that are a big part of the Boulder community and the blog will aim to cover them all.


Photo Credits:

Julia Bartlett is a Massachusetts native who traded the ocean for the mountains. She is currently a graduate student at CU Boulder pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing. She seeks to make her MFA interdisciplinary by taking choreography courses as well as writing workshops. She has created dances that have involved locking herself in closets, slashing lipstick all over her body and becoming a nature spirit. Her work has been performed at CU Boulder and the Riverside Events Center. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and is building her practice in Boulder.