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Toro Tops Tasty Treats: Boulder’s Nearby Gem of Creative Food.

In Boulder and anywhere else a great meal starts with a sparkling clean kitchen! Right up 11th Ave. Denver, from the haunted Patterson Hotel, TORO, TORO Food Concepts, offers a variety of globally inspired dishes such as bowls, salads, and burritos. The menu reflects an eclectic mix of flavors from regions like the Caribbean, Italy, […]

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CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #6: Matthew Nelson, Junior

  Name: Matthew Nelson Business: Electric Honey Experience CU Leeds Business Analytics and Psychology, Junior “What is the Electric Honey Experience?” The Electric Honey Experience is an annual 2 night, 3 day camping festival that celebrates Creative Expression, Music, and Spirituality to raise money for charity. There is a wide variety of music from Grateful […]

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CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #5: Ryan Juett, Junior

Name: Ryan Juett Business: Music Equipment Startup CU Leeds Marketing Major, Junior “Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to these days?” I’m a native Coloradan, raised in Parker, with an enduring passion for music that has persisted into my adult life. When not immersed in the LILY P4D business, […]

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Zac Janczak

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #3: Zachary Janczak, Junior

Name: Zac Janczak Business: E-commerce CU Leeds Advertising Major, Junior “What’s your major and what are you studying, what year are you?” I am majoring in advertising with a minor emphasis in business management. “What led you to choose that major?” I chose to study advertising because it fit my creative style as an entrepreneur, […]

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Khushang Hirpara - CU Alumni founder of CLD-9

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #2: Khushang Hirpara, Class of 2022

Name: Khushang Hirpara Business: Using AI to Create Personalized Supplements – CLD-9 CU Graduate Class of 2022, Major in Entrepreneurship and Management Tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re currently working on. I’m an award-winning founder and operator in Boulder that specializes in a variety of fields such as Design, Product Development, and Sourcing. […]

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Avry Stroeve

CU Entrepreneur Showcase Week #1: Avry Stroeve – Senior

Name: Avry Stroeve Business: Author and Coach on Social Media Addiction CU Senior in Entrepreneurship and Management    “Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to these days?” My name is Avry Stroeve. I’m graduating from CU Boulder in one week with a business degree in entrepreneurship and management. As […]

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Entrepreneur – The Dirty Word That My Dad Hates

A true entrepreneur is not just somebody who doesn’t like to work for others. It is somebody who has a burning desire to create new systems and build upon existing ones. An entrepreneur is always thinking of ways to improve everything they come in contact with. Successful entrepreneurs have a part of them that is […]

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Professional Women Meet Quarterly to Network and Lead

Join tomorrow to network and build relationships with other women July 27, 5:30 pm The WILD Council is a network of professional women who come together regularly to build relationships and engage in networking activities. Here are highlights of the council’s efforts in transforming the landscape of future leaders by empowering one female at a time. […]

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Boulder marketing pro tests AI writing tools

Four Artificial Intelligence writing tools tested with one prompt As a marketing professional, I spend a lot of time writing and have written many quality bios in my time. The thing is, I really hate writing bios for myself. It’s hard to talk about yourself. That’s why clients like us to write for them. We’ve […]

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