A true entrepreneur is not just somebody who doesn’t like to work for others. It is somebody who has a burning desire to create new systems and build upon existing ones. An entrepreneur is always thinking of ways to improve everything they come in contact with.

Successful entrepreneurs have a part of them that is extremely lazy. This laziness is what causes them to relentlessly think of new ways to make things easier on everybody. They are obsessive problem-solvers; they see every challenge as an opportunity to show people a better way of doing something.

The typical office environment drives entrepreneurs up a wall. As does the traditional 9-to-5 routine. They don’t do well being micro-managed. They were the kids in school who didn’t listen to the teacher before starting their assignments. They would rather do something quickly, fail, and then learn a better way to do it. Entrepreneurs like to fail fast and fail often, because they know this is the best way to learn. You can’t learn anything by doing things you already know how to do.

Entrepreneurs do not struggle with rejection because they are very forward-thinking. They live in the future; in a world that they are creating in their mind. A world of endless possibilities, opportunities and freedom.

Entrepreneurs create things. They have a bigger vision than they can even put into words. They see tons of ways of improving the lives of others and are willing to endure incredible pain, uncertainty and stress for the sake of helping others. They truly see the impacts of their creative thoughts in the future and that is what keeps them motivated.

To them, risk is not the possibility of losing money in a business venture. True risk is settling into a job or career that limits their capabilities. They are extremely fearful of wasting precious years of their life not chasing their dreams.

Entrepreneurs always one-up themselves. They have a great idea and then they trump their original idea with something better. They get excited about new ideas and often abandon good ideas for better ones. A lot of their projects remain unfinished in the pursuit of newer and more exciting ones. The thought of creating the next Apple or Google keeps their brain running at high RPM’s and is the reason they can so easily let go of good ideas. They are never worried about running out of ideas. Their anxiety comes from running out of time to pursue the good ideas that constantly come pouring out of them.

Above all, they see the world differently. They are optimistic yet very hard on themselves. Everything can be improved upon. They are often trouble-makers. They hate seeing things continuously done the same way. There is always a way to improve. Entrepreneurs are people that have the confidence in themselves and their ideas – enough so to bet and risk it all. Then when it fails, they get right back up and do it again. They know that with enough failures, success is a certainty.