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What is Boulder Colorado known for?

December 7th, 2022
What is Boulder Colorado known for?

You might be surprised at how many things you can do in this city. From the food scene, to nature and the outdoors, this place has it all. It’s one of those places where once you visit, you’ll want to move in! If you are looking for a vacation spot this winter, then Boulder is the place for you. Guess what? Gambling is also legal, you can play table games or any other online casino games anywhere in Boulder. Biking Boulder is fantastic for biking. There are many bike trails in the area, and it’s easy to get around on your bicycle. If you’re new to Boulder, however, it can... Read More

Bridging the Gap: Boulder’s Housing Conflict

August 30th, 2020

Every year, the end of summer brings a sudden influx of highly energetic young people. As students return to school, traffic becomes more of a snarl than it already is, what little affordable housing there might be is snatched up, and the lines at the local coffee shops become insufferable. The student population has a dramatic and undeniable impact on Boulder’s infrastructure. For those who call Boulder their permanent home, having their neighborhoods infested by hordes of carousing night owls can be a nuisance. Raising a family next to a frat house is a recognizably undesirable endeavor. Being... Read More

WÜF Your Way To Your Dog’s Heart With This Smart Collar

June 8th, 2020

Almost anyone with a dog will tell you that their furry friend is more than just a pet, it’s their beloved best friend and they do everything they can together; walks, runs, hikes and in the case of some of the lucky well behaved and registered support dogs, even errands! And in a city where tech and dogs rule all, its no surprise that one of Boulder’s youngest startups offers smart technology for mans best friend. WÜF is a smart dog collar striving to become the leader in smart technology for animals.  Their mission: to enable better dog owners and provide unique communication with... Read More

Boulder Startup Week: The Ultimate Startup Scene

April 23rd, 2015

With spring springing and summer just around the corner, the pace in Boulder is picking up quickly as Boulderites prepare for a summer filled with fun activities around every corner. For the tech lovers, entrepreneurs, students and investors of all kinds, the beginning of this summer season promises lots of fun and opportunities with Boulder kicking off its sixth Startup Week. Founded in 2010, Boulder Startup Week is five days dedicated to all things entrepreneurial, business and startup, celebrating the incredible startup scene Boulder has to offer.   The five-day event takes place from May... Read More

Bitsbox: The Start-Up That Teaches Kids To Code

April 2nd, 2015

They say the best and most effective time to learn a language is when you are a child and your brain is still developing. With society continuing to value bilingual or multilingual people in academia and the workforce, the pressure to teach kids new languages is building as well. One language in particular is growing at a fast rate, especially in todays digital age—coding. As smartphones, computers and tablets become more advanced the need for computer programmers and coders grows too. So how do you get your kids involved in learning this digital language, especially if computers and coding... Read More

“Faces of Boulder” – to our readers and to our team

February 2nd, 2015

Boulder: the city on a hill; the city of tradition and change—old and new ideas blending together, becoming one dynamic piece of art, like the intricacy of a fresh watercolor painting beneath a microscope.  Boulder: the microcosm of light, intellectualism, artistry, and love.  Boulder and its opaque dedication to a harmonious lifestyle with nature, as it sits nestled at the precipice of one of the Front Range’s most idyllic backdrops. I could go on and on about the seemingly endless list of nuances and unique attributes of our ever-evolving city, however, I would like to dedicate my first... Read More